Vegan Food

Vegan and the Ferry

This blog was inspired by one single discovery: a vegan burger on our state’s ferry system. I was so excited, but I had no place to document this find. Now I do. So here it is: Don’t worry about starving on the ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton, because even in an old fashioned greasy ferry cafe, you can find fare made just for vegans. Whoot!

More about this blog: There are probably more than 1000 blogs dedicated to topics around being vegan, and likely one or two already going strong in Seattle, but turns out I couldn’t find one that would tell me about the latest vegan finds in the NW and update me on my phone! Dang! Here it is. You can follow this blog on twitter and get upates on your phone. It is fun. You should do it:
I have a couple of vegan friends who also find good things around town, and I wanted a place to list all these great discoveries so others could expand their vegan horizons. And more than ever, restaurants are creating dishes just for vegan clientel – more menu items are always popping up and I aim to find them and write about them so you all can enjoy as well.
Disclaimer: This blog has NOT been created, (as will soon be painfully obvious), to show off my mediocre writing and photography skills. But I am sure it will permanently document what close companions typos and I truly are.

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