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Fashionably Late: Vegans get in on the gourmet cupcake craze

It is clear that we are in The Decade of the Cupcake – on the heels of a trend started by major cup cake-focused boutiques in NYC, Seattle’s Cupcake Royal opened its doors late 2003, Trophy Cupcakes & Party made its entrance in 2007, and delivery-only bakers like Splendid Cupcake have made the lovely little cakes in a cup its sole focus.

And why shouldn’t they? Cupcakes have clear advantages over a plane slice o’ cake: they are super WAY cuter, easier to eat on the go, more fun to decorate, and cheaper! What bad can be said about cake in a cup?

We NW vegans have had our own cupcake, available in regular and mini-size, made by PCC. With choices of white or chocolate cake and pink, white, or chocolate frosting, these little babies have been a staple at parties hosted by or in honor of vegans for years. (Thank you PPC).

This Valentine’s Day another local co-op, the ever romantic Madison Market, gave me a gift to show its vegan love: finding and making available for purchase a new, fancier, prettier, more carefully crafted vegan cupcake from Olympia: Decadence by Danette.

More beautiful than any vegan cupcake I’ve seen for commercial sale, these Olympia-born gourmet cups come in charming flavors like Pistachio Rose and Gingerbread Lemon. I bought the least attractive, but most gloriously toped German Chocolate. Piled high on this cupcake was an inch of coconut brownsugar-flavored perfection (truly ugly, compared to its mates, but delicious).

Where can you get your own? As of yesterday, I had only seen them at Madison Market, and right now they are a February Featured Product. But this morning a little jaunt to Sidecar introduced two other cupcakes from Danette, with lovely lips atop no less! They said they just started caring them this week. But if you can’t get to either of those spots, perhaps a quick email to Danette might get you a list of retail outlets.

2009: the year that gourmet vegan cupcakes arrived on the Seattle scene. Better late than never.

3 thoughts on “Fashionably Late: Vegans get in on the gourmet cupcake craze

  1. Decadence by Danette is excited to be part of the Seattle vegan scene. Thank you for the mention in your blog. Both Madison Market and Sidecar have been wonderful to work with. The people buying Decadence products mean a great deal to me. I am vegan as well and know what it means to eat yummy vegan food (like Mighty O and Flying Apron!). Providing others with delicious vegan food is my company’s goal. I love to hear from you. You can email me at: or phone: 360-970-8268. My company will be at VegFest (in Seattle March 21-22 and Portland in September) so please stop by my booth and mention Anika’s blog. I look forward to providing Seattle vegans with great tasting vegan food!

  2. Anika, Thank you so much for your inquiries into the latest developments at danette’s desserts. My company is in the midst of a transition. The goal at danette’s desserts has always been to provide egg free/dairy free/cholesterol free desserts that taste the same or better than desserts made from dairy and eggs. Because the product has been so well received by its customers, danette’s is transitioning to meet the higher demand.Ensuring all aspects of this transition go smoothly and successfully takes time but the transition is going very well and we hope to be available with wider access soon. Our company is very pleased that our customers recognize what we also strongly believe in – desserts can taste fabulous and offer all the benefits of being egg free/dairy free/cholesterol free.On a more personal note, this company is my passion, my customers are my top concern and those at danette’s are working hard to ensure this transition goes smoothly. I would also like to thank you and all those who have called and emailed for your continued support. Your kind words and love of the products are the driving forces behind making this transition a success!Kind Regards,Danette Elpel, ownerdanette’s desserts

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