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Instant Vegan Mac & Cheese: Put this in your belly

OK kids, it has become glaringly clear in reading the first 3 posts of this blog that I am not vegan for health reasons. I am sorry. Honestly!

Once again, the best Vegan Score this week isn’t the best for you: instant Macaroni & Cheese! Despite it’s lack of leafy greens, I promise you won’t regret dining on this retro dish.

Instant Vegan Mac & Cheese may not be the BEST meal for you, but I’ll tell you what it is good for:

  1. animals
  2. eating quickly
  3. eating while tired
  4. eating while restaurants are closed
  5. eating while on an overnight hike
  6. eating when you are a bad cook
  7. feeding your vegan friends when you don’t know how to cook
  8. eating while you are on tour
  9. eating when you only have $3.50
  10. feeding your inner child that craved the cheesey goodness that was Mac & Cheese

Leahey Garden’s Macraroni & Cheese is truly creamy and delicious–Not as grainy as “Shells & Chreese”). For those of you with little interest in cooking, you’ll be happy to know that you just boil the noodles add soymilk. One bag costs $2.99 at Sidecar in Seattle (or online direct from Leahey Foods for $2.65 plus shipping).

Add an apple as your side and you got a perfect lunch for $3.50.

And, although this is no raw salad, as far as healthy eating goes, it isn’t so bad: 5g protein, 97 calories per serving, 17 g carbs plus vitamin B12, B6, B2, B1 and Nacin.

So go forth friends to the U District, stop at 50th and the Ave, and grab a couple of bags to keep in your kitchen for vegan emergencies.

Up next: I heard that Squid & Ink has a version of Mac & Cheese that isn’t on the menu, maybe something one can only order on show nights. I might try to get someone who is going to the Cull show on Sunday give me some intel and a photo (I’m looking at you Carey, Rachel, and Pointy).

A short side note, not as light hearted: if you are vegetarian and wondering why anyone would give up dairy, I’ll share a few reasons that I was more than happy to cut cheese out of my life: the cruelty of forcing cows to be constantly impregnated their entire adult lives, forcing them to be milked every day by machines, the environmental impact of the number of dairy cows required to sate growing demand for dairy, the inhumane way male offspring of dairy cows are raised for veal, etc. One thing to consider that isn’t as obvious is what it is like for a mother cow to carry her baby for 9 months only to have it stolen within a few days. It is truly sad. And I am a happy person, so I want no part of it.

3 thoughts on “Instant Vegan Mac & Cheese: Put this in your belly

  1. I tried…I think it’s called “Chreese” mac and cheese and really didn’t like it-a decent vegan mac and cheese is what I’ve missed as a vegan. I’ll stop in the udistric and try Leahey, thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  2. Hi Faith,Yeah, I don't like the Chreese stuff. It was gritty tasting. Did you ever get to try the Leahey garden brand? They now have just the cheese sauce, which is good too. I really dig your paper designs. Do you sell them?Cheers!Anika

  3. Great suggestion. On the 'why give up dairy' front, a vegan friend once described it this way, and it has stuck with me every since: Think of a glass of milk as a glass of liquid MEAT. Its the same thing, really, in terms of both the cruelty to the animals that produce it and the havoc its going to reek in your body.

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