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Because sometimes we need a little country-ayurvedic-chic in our lives.

An example of how easy things some times take me a long time: About 6 months ago I stumbled upon a flier for a “vegan retreat” on Vashon Island at Squid & Ink in Georgetown Seattle. I kept the flier in my pocket for ~2 months and talked about going constantly. Then posted it near my desk for ~1 month, then tried to look at the web site (not live yet). Then I emailed the proprietor, but by the time she wrote back, I was squished under work. A couple of weeks later I put the flier in my pocket again and carried it around for ~2 months. In late March I emailed the proprietor again, and FINALLY booked a night for me and Kirby. 6 months for one night?

Turns out doing stuff is hard sometimes, but in this case, totally worth it. Heart of the Sound Retreat is a little slice of rural vegan heaven only 30 minutes from Seattle. Laurie Lyons, host, has created a one-bedroom cottage on her farm just two blocks from “downtown” Vashon, and offers up an array of vegan/ayurvedic/organic massage.
In summary: Cute little town + professional massage + a very comfy bed + Ground Hog’s Day the movie + vegan breakfast goodies = perfect weekend get away.
More pictures here.
If you are craving to leave the city, just for a day, here are all the reasons you should go to Heart of the Sound:

  1. Cute cotton grocery bag in the kitchen, (in case you forgot to bring yours and you want to walk to the farmers market only 4 blocks away).
  2. Three places to sit in the garden that overlooks a field and a forest.
  3. Indian + country decor (nice to escape hip, ironic, retro, urban, stuck-up style).
  4. Breakfast includes: vegan muffins, tofutti spread, vegan yogurt, fruit, coffee, etc.
  5. Three vases of fresh cut flowers – in every room!
  6. Beauty without Cruelty shampoo and conditioner.
  7. Vegan dishes, books, and bedding.
  8. The room you get your massage in, is right off the cottage, so you don’t have go anywhere once you are all relaxed.

Vashon is fun to visit too. We walked around the town for a couple of hours during the day, then also explored restaurants and cocktail venues at night. Vashon isn’t really big enough to have major vegan fare, but it does have a vegetarian restaurant, an Indian restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, and a pub – all of which have at least one vegan (or vegan modifiable) dish. Not only that, but AMAZING vintage and second hand shopping. We also explored the rest of the island beaches, parks, and ports.

More pictures here.

Email Laurie, make reservation, get on the Ferry! Bike, bus, or drive a few miles to Vashon town, and the relax. When you see Laurie, tell her I said hi.

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