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Take this Dandie Camping!

Attn: Campers, sweet tooths, rice krispies lovers, et al.: the heavens have parted and the sweet baby jesus has sent us an air-puffed treat from the back woods of Lombardi Illinois: Behold Dandies Vegan Marshmallows.

Fluffier than any brand that has ever existed (editor opinion), made up of simple, recognizable ingredients (mainly 3 kinds of sugar), and available at our near and dear Sidecar Vegan Shop, you can take these tasty white yum-yums home today!

They are about half the size of the marshmallows that I remember as a child (but I was also half the size, so I am not sure if my scale is appropriately calibrated). For $5.00 you get a very packed little bag that will last you an entire camp out. I still love the Sweet and Sara brand, but these are just more authentic. Both in taste and texture these are the slightly smaller, separated-at-birth twin to gelatin-filled marshmallows.

Now, go out and buy some of these before you go camping. Buy some for your pals. Tell your vegan and kosher friends that Chicago Soydairy has made magic.

4 thoughts on “Take this Dandie Camping!

  1. Anika,I just found your blog and really enjoyed reading about the cottage on Vashon. I definitely want to go there!I see you've listed my blog (thank you) as a Seattle blog, and though I'm currently located in Wisconsin, I'll be living in Seattle starting in August. Have you been to Hillside Quickie's Café in Capital Hill for brunch? It was great when we were there in May. The cajun mac and cheese is the best.

  2. I got these from Sidecar for a barbecue. They roasted pretty well and made delectable s'mores with dark chocolate and amaranth graham crackers. I set 'em next to the bags of Jetpuffed (purchased for my primarily omnivorous friends) and came to notice that the Dandies were disappearing much more quickly than their gelatinous cousins. Several of my friends had guilty expressions. =)-a different Andrea

  3. Hi Andrea 1,So you've been back in Seattle since August? Have you tried the newest restaurant from the Hillside Quickie owner, Plum? It also has the cajun mac and cheese. So GOOD. And welcome back!Cheers!

  4. Hi A Different Andrea,I had the EXACT same thing happen to me at a beach bonfire. People loved the vegan marshmallows. I think it is because they were a little more vanilla-y. Also, they are a better size for s'mores so the sandwich isn't too sweet. I hope enough of them sell so that the price comes down a little. 🙂

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