Vegan Food

Bang a Gong!

The mac & cheese trend continues, thank God. I went without a vegan-version of this homey treat for way too long.

Now in addition to delicious instant vegan macaroni and cheese you can make at home (see below), you can order a hunk at the new vegan restaurant on Capitol Hill, Plum Bistro, or a bowl of it at the newly opened Bang Bang cafe in Belltown.

I’ve been to Plum twice and plan to hit up Bang Bang later today or tomorrow to do a little comparison chomping. In the mean time, check out the reviews on Yelp.

Whoda thunk you’d have more than one location to choose from for vegan mac and cheese? What is the world coming to? Wonderful things, that’s what.

2 thoughts on “Bang a Gong!

  1. Update: tasted mac and cheese at Bang Bang for myself. Flavorful and greasy in the good way. They have a few other vegan options including sandwiches and breakfast burritos.

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