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Yes, it is a Big Deal

I know that Plum Vegan Bistro isn’t big news for most of you. I alone have been talking about it non-stop since it opened in late July. It is the newest in a grouping of restaurants by much-loved Hillside Quickie owner, Makini Howell. An entirely new vegan join in the city may not be big news, but it is a big deal, so I have taken my time in trying it a couple of times before sharing any suggestions. Oh, the sacrifices I make.

First off: let me say that no restaurant is perfect, and new restaurants have a lot of kinks to work out before getting in their groove. I am sure that Plum falls into this camp and will improve on service and consistency over the next few months.

These kinks are by no means a reason for avoiding this fine establishment. In fact, if you are looking for unique food, this should be your first stop. If you are looking for bold tastes, generous levels of salt and oil, and creative ingredients, you will be in absolute HEAVEN.

The best thing on the menu that I have tried is the Cajun Mac & Cheese (sorry 50% of my recent posts have this theme). But don’t just order this rich slab of creaminess, try the Mama Africa salad which has: greens, tempe, millet and quinoa, pumpkin seeds, avocado, cranberries, apples, nectarines, and more drizzled with a creamy green aioli! No kidding.

The yam fries were also the best I have had – because they were not over cooked so still retained some texture and crispiness, instead of just being starchy oil sponges. The BBQ Po’ Boy is also a very solid option – although we had different breads the two times we ordered it. It was definitely best when served with the thinner, crisper foccocia.

Don’t just take my word for it, get more details and opinions here:
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I am still working on a list of the best vegan happy hour food in the city. Keep sending me your ideas and tips. I need more!

4 thoughts on “Yes, it is a Big Deal

  1. makini's food is the bomb! definitely the kind of place even meat lovers will enjoy themselves. (if you can convince them to get in the door – it might be easier to just surprise them.) and let her know if you like it spicy, b/c she will totally acomadate! this is actually making me so hungry, think i will be having lunch there today, lol!

  2. I personally don't like to eat greasy, salty food but I make an exception for Hillside Quickies and I'm looking forward to trying Plum. (I had Cajun mac & cheese at Capitol Hill Quickies and it was as you describe – the best.)

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