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Mercy for Turkeys

Hey y’all. I’ve gotten this question three times in the last week: “Where are all the vegan and vegetarian Thanksgivings around Seattle, Anika?”

This question is a little closer to my heart than most, because I had the opportunity to spend some time with group of female turkeys rescued by Farm Sanctuary in CA. These sweet girls were so gentle, but sickly from their ordeal, and fell asleep in our laps. I fell in love.

I thought I’d collect what I know about Non-Turkey-Eating events on Turkey Day in one place. Please, please comment with any events or veg restaurants that I missed!!

Plum Bistro is offering a vegan Thanksgiving prix-fixe. Reservations are likely required, but don’t have much more info. (206) 838-5333

Georgetown Liquor Co will have a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. Starts at 4 pm, only costs $25, and includes dinner, desert AND wine! What. A. Deal. (206) 763-6764

Bamboo Garden will have their annual vegan Thanksgiving dinner. It’s just $17 and includes smoked vegetarian turkey, fresh baked yams with pineapple and orange sauce, stuffing mixed with nuts and vegetables and more. (206) 282-6616

Cafe Flora will be offering a prix-fixe four-course meatless menu and a smaller kids menu. Of course, vegan/gluten-free options will be available. The cost is $50. (206) 325-9100

Carmelita will have a four-course vegan and vegetarian Thanksgiving Day Feast from 3:00-8:00. Not sure about the cost, but for sure reservations will be needed. (206) 706-7703

Thrive is going all out and offering FREE food during their “Gala of Gratitude” to thank everyone who has supported them since they opened. Hours will be 10:30 to 3:00 and there will be prizes. (206) 525-0300

Non-restaurant or Potlucks:
Not on Thanksgiving, but in the same vain, is a Raw Thanksgiving prep class and feast on Saturday November 21. $88 big ones get you the class and the feast.

The Seattle Vegan Meetup Group will be having: Over the Highway and Through the Streets: Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck 4:30 PM at Wayward 901 NE 55th. St. Join the The Seattle Vegan Meetup Group to get more details.

Also on Meetup, the Seattle Veg Activity and Adventure Group is inviting vegan orphans or folks just just not into “Thankskilling” day to celebrate “Thanksliving” Day with a potluck. Again, log into Meetup to get the details.

Vegetarians of Washington have a monthly meal on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. I heard that they were having a Thanksgiving potluck this month, but I didn’t find anything online about it. Call their message line at (206) 706-2635 if this sounds appetizing.

Fortunately, (or unfortunately), I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my very carnivorous family, so I won’t get to enjoy any of these wonderful sounding meals. Eat some for me!

And if you are thinking of dragging along a non-vegetarian friend, have them check out the Top 10 Reasons to Not Eat Turkey this Thanksgiving. or watch ‘Life and Death for Factory-Farmed Turkeys,’ narrated by Shirley Jones – this might make your meal seem a lot more appealing.

Nov 17, 2009 UPDATE. This just in: Squid & Ink will have a Thanksgiving Feast too!

Squid and Ink will be offering a dinner including: pomegranate mixed greens salad, roasted root vegetable medley, apricot brandy cranberry sauce, garlic-sage mashed potato with country-style gravy, corn-bread stuffing, house made stuffed tofukey, and pumpkin cheezcake. Beer/wine/cider available. 206.763.2696 email: 4:00pm, reservations required. $25

8 thoughts on “Mercy for Turkeys

  1. I love! your blog- especially the shoe posts! I have big feet and I have a hard time finding women's shoes that go above a size 8 and AREN'T ugly, and ARE vegan.This Thanksgiving post is amazing! I do my best to get my husband to eat veg (we don't keep meat in the house!) but he refuses to give up his thanksgiving turkey. 😦 I always adopt two turkeys from Farm Sanctuary to assuage my guilt, though.Anyway, I'll stop rambling and just say, love the blog and tweets!

  2. Thanks Anika!!! What a great post! You are really on it girl. I think I will be eating an awful lot of food this Thanksgiving because I can't choose just one. And Thrive… How cool are they to do the freebie thing. I love that restaurant in a big way. I'll have to stop by there on the holiday.

  3. Any idea if Loving Hut will be open on Thanksgiving? I am not doing a big TG meal on Thursday, waiting for my boyfriend to get back and have ours on Saturday…but I'd like to go out to dinner. i don't really want a TG crowd though 😉

  4. Thanks for the comment! I AM loving this so far. It's tough sometimes even in a city as open as seattle. But your blog is awesome. I plan on visiting often! It's incredible how much healthier I feel this way.

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