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Hot Vegan Soup for a Very Cold Seattle

“I live on good soup, not on fine words.” — Moliere

This little post is dedicated to Mr. Kirby. C. Johnson. The thing is, I don’t know anyone who loves soup more than he does; sometimes I think he would prefer soup for every meal. I tease him that he must be super thirsty all the time to want all of his food watery. Don’t get me wrong, I like soup, but mostly when I am cold or sick. I guess this means for the next three months, I’ll be making a tour of the places below. Stay warm with these soupy hugs from 14 local joints:

1. 52nd Street Tofu: Yes, this is where KC got the Gyoza + Kimchi + Tofu soup I mentioned in an earlier post (here), but they had two other vegans soups as well. If you love sour soup, you must try this little whole in the wall. (Pictured below left). University District

2. Cherry Street Coffee: Order the Egyptian Lentil soup here (but don’t get it to-go, they drip some fresh lemon juice on top to finish it off if you eat it in the cafe). It is the most interestingly spiced and textured lentil soup I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot). They also have spicy black bean and a new coconut curry tofu soup. They are very vegan-friendly but tell them you are vegan so they don’t put any dollop of sour cream on top. Downtown, Pioneer Square, Belltown

3. Cyber-Dogs: They have a faux chicken soup every day, and usually one other selection. Perfect if you are walking between downtown and capitol hill. Downtown

4. Elysian Brewing Co.: The Elysian Brewery location on capitol hill and Tangletown location have one of their soups of the day be a vegan/vegetarian option. (But not the Elysian Fields location down by the stadiums, it only has one soup each day and it is never vegan). Capitol Hill, Greenlake/Wallingford

5. Healo: Always serving 2 completely vegan soups every day. Last time I was there they had a Harvest Corn & Potato Leek soup. Sounds so good right now actually. (See photo below). Capitol Hill

6. Hillside Quickies: The soup here rotates from a long list of options. Some are nice and spicy too, if you go in for that sort of thing. You might get to try: Corn Chowder, Yam, Lentil, Seitan Stew, Tomato Bisque, Bean & Pasta, White Bean, Squash, Quinoa & Corn, Cream of Barley, or Wild Rice Chowder. University District, Capitol Hill

7. Georgetown Liquor Company: They always have a vegan Split Pea & Ham and then have another vegan option such as Chickn Dumpling or Cheddar Beer soup. They are cooking up some of the most unique vegan soups in the city, hands down. Georgetown

8. Great Northwest Soup Co: This place is nice enough to label the soups on their menus vegan and vegetarian, and of the 10 or so they serve every day, at least one or two are vegan. I hear the Moroccan lentil is delightful. Downtown

9. In the Bowl: Want it spicy? Go here and order one of their four vegan soups: Tom Yum soup, Tofu or Chicken soup, Tom Kah soup, or Mixed Veggies soup. Then you you get to pick your protein from fresh or fried tofu, faux beef, faux chicken, faux prawns, faux fish, or faux duck. It is nutty crazy spicy veganess in a bowl! Capitol Hill

10. Pike Place Chowder: I just learned that this place has a vegan chowder on it’s menu. Made with coconut milk, lime, and veggies (sounds very Thai). I can’t wait to try it next time I am at the Pike Place Market (and I’ll finish off with a cookie from Cinnamon Works, of course). Downtown

11. Pizza Pi: I just about died and went to heaven after having vegan French Onion soup for the first time in my life. They might have other soups, but why would you order them when you could have this masterpiece? (Pictured above center). University District

12. Soup’s On!: They always have 3 or 4 vegan soup options such as Tomato Basil, Black Bean, Old Fashioned Tomato, Market Vegetable, Curried Rice and Lentil, Portobello & Roasted Tomato, or Corn & Green Chili. Great if you are downtown and looking for warmth. Downtown

13. Teapot Vegetarian House: Everyone knows about this as a great Chinese place, but not sure if everyone has had a chance to appreciate their soups. My favorite is vegan Hot & Sour soup, but when I have a cold, nothin’ is better than their Won-Ton or Tofu Spinach soups. Both are very salty and brothy, which is good for a sore throat. Capitol Hill

14. Than Brothers: Hopefully you all know that they have really delicious vegan Phở for really cheap. Just don’t forget to stop them from putting the non-vegan pastry on the table right when you walk in the door. This is my kind of soup: more sweet than salty and under $5 bucks. (Pictured above right). Capitol Hill, Greenlake, University District, Ballard, West Seattle, Edmonds, Lakewood, Tacoma, Everett, Redmond, Bellevue

I know that there are tons more around the city, especially at Asian restaurants. What secret spots do you know about around the city? Favorite soup? What did I miss?

Stay warm out there people.

10 thoughts on “Hot Vegan Soup for a Very Cold Seattle

  1. Ballet at Pike and Broadway has pho too. Your choice of fake chicken, beef or real tofu. Really cheap and really good. Very nice people there too. Order the same thing more than once and they will know your order as soon as you sit down.

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