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Greenlake Goods: Vegan Pizza Pie

Three vegans and an omnivore all agree that the New York style vegan pizza we ordered at Turnpike Pizza in Greenlake was one of the best we have ever had. The owner and proprietor, Ric Monteiro, doesn’t just offer a cheese-less pizza, instead he has invested in hottest vegan product to hit the market: Daiya Vegan Cheese*.

Although the list of veggie toppings isn’t the longest that I’ve seen, Turnpike does have Mama Lil’s Sweet Hot Peppers, which are the secret ingredient to any truly delectable pie. The crust is thin on the bottom and baked to a crisp, but the crust on the outer edge is thick and bubbly, but not too chewy. The vegan mozzarella is smooth, rich, and flavorful.

A respectable selection of beer for us jolly vegan adults (Sierra Nevada anyone?) and easily arrangeable tables make this place ideal for groups. Hello birthday party! (March 4th, in case you are thinking of getting me something). If you live within 1-1.5 miles of this lakeside joint, they also offer delivery.

Ric and the team at Turnpike aren’t just stopping at vegan mozzarella; starting Feb 1, 2010 he plans to have a non-dairy pesto option for the the Green Lake Pie (which would be tomato basil and oregano sauce, vegan mozzarella, artichoke hearts, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, topped with vegan pesto), and tofu available for the Mojave Pie (their #1 pizza made with an olive oil base, vegan mozzarella, bell peppers, garlic, marinated tofu, marinated sweet hot peppers). Starting in March they will also have vegan Italian sorbet. Spring is looking bright indeed. My guess is once other pizzerias see how easy it is to offer vegan options, more places will offer Daiya and likely some veggie meats as well. I’ll keep you posted!

Greenlake is calling you. Find your own pizza at 6900 E Green Lake Way N, Ste D, between N 4th Ave and Ravenna Blvd.

*Daiya is dairy, nut, soy, and gluten-free–good for people with allergies. It has 33% less fat that cows milk cheese, no trans fats, no cholesterol, no preservatives, no hormones or antibiotics. More info at

5 thoughts on “Greenlake Goods: Vegan Pizza Pie

  1. Bad news for the GF vegans…we went in last night to get GF vegan pizza for me and omnivorous for hubby, and were informed that their GF crust has eggs in it. Apparently it has all along, but they only recently figured it out. Their regular crust is still vegan, but no good for me. 😦

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