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More Beauty Less Cruelty

UPDATE: Sweet Surrender closed it’s doors when Heather, her hubby, and their puppy moved to NYC. Our loss. But Kandice Kelly offers a vegan facial and vegan sugaring.

Ok. Ok. Ok. I feel like my vegan life in Seattle has just turned a corner. I’ve been waiting, seeking, yea, dreaming of an all vegan spa or salon for years. I know many salons that carry vegan products, but none that are 100% vegan, and I’ve known vegans who work at spas, but again those joints had a lot of “beauty” products with animal parts in ’em or products that are tested on animals. Ick. Boo.*

But my wait is over. And so is yours! Sweet Surrender is an all vegan sanctuary spa studio located in Green Lake (the part with easy parking and good bus lines too). My vegan life will never be the same.

Proprietor, Heather Flanders, opened her one-person studio to share the gift of therapeutic massage, body sugaring, and holistic skin care with all Seattlites. Heather is vegan and all of the products she uses are 100% vegan.

I can say from personal experience that her studio is beautiful, relaxing, and Heather is very skilled at both massage and esthetician work. And the hours at Sweet Surrender are reasonable, so you can actually go after work, which is a big plus for working stiffs like me: Monday, Wednesday-Saturday 11a-7p (by appointment, of course),

And boys, don’t you think for a moment that a place called Sweet Surrender is only for the gals. Admit it, your muscles need some relaxing and your skin could use a little TLC.

The best part? You can get 20% off of services at Sweet Surrender if you tell Heather that you heard about her from this little web site (Vegan Score, duh). So before or after your walk around the lake, or before or after you gorge at Mighty-O, make an appointment and then toddle over to 402 NE 72nd Street, Suite 8, for a dreamy escape.

Once again, Green Lake is trying to steal my heart. I still love you First Hill, just get a coffee joint with Mighty-O Donuts already.

*Not vegan and wondering why a vegan spa is so rad? I can’t post the videos here because I don’t have the heart or stomach for it, but you can wander over to YouTube and search on “animal testing” or “why vegan” if you really want to see what is going on behind closed doors.

10 thoughts on “More Beauty Less Cruelty

  1. She is the absolute best. And yes, the eye brow tinting is probably my favorite as well!!! Heather is amazing at what she does and she takes the time to assess her client's needs and she accomodates and nurtures completely. Best place to get a facial around and very competetively priced. 🙂

  2. Sorry to bring the party down, but, Sweet Surrender is out of business. The spa directory at Guide to Spas is building a Vegan Spa niche category as we speak, with a few options already available.

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