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A Whole Brunch of Vegan Options

A friend recently asked me where to get vegan breakfast beyond the reigning favorites, Plum Bistro and Wayward Cafe. Made me think that, perhaps, a list of where one can go for vegan delights on a Saturday or Sunday morning in Seattle could be handy. Of course, I don’t know all the places that our little hamlet has to offer, so please, please comment and tell me other places that have good vegan brunch menu items so that I can add them to this list.

As John Gunther said, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” Now go forth, leisure, and break that night time fast!

✫= Vegan
v = Vegetarian joint with vegan options
o = Omnivore joint with vegan options


5-Point Cafe (o): great for co-dining with drunk carnivores, these guys recently added a tofu scramble to their menu reminiscent of the famous Green Cat tofu scramble. But watch out for the price of this dish, it towers over other diner menu expectations. Neighborhood: Belltown/Denny Regrade/Lower Queen Anne [website]

Bang Bang Cafe (o): the vegan breakfast burrito is the thing to order for vegans and omnivores alike. It is packed with tofu, faux meat and comes with with guacamole, etc. They also have vegan muffins and Tofutti vegan cream cheese for their bagels. But only try them on a Saturday, they are closed on Sundays. Neighborhood: Belltown [yelp profile]

Blue Star Cafe and Pub (o): this joint has had tofu scramble since you were in diapers (OK, I don’t know that for sure), but they always had a non-vegan soy cheese, and that drove me nuts. But now they use Daiya so you can get their tofu scrabble or their famous veggie potatoes that are covered with mushrooms, onion, and vegan cheese. YAY! Really good for week day but longer lines on the weekends. Neighborhood: Wallingford [website]

Cafe Flora (v): I think of breakfast as a casual affair, and if you are like me, you might think that Flora is a little too fancy for breakfast, but we’d both be wrong. With prices similar to other restaurants, you can get tofu scramble, southern-style fritters, and little vegan cinnamon rolls (the best thing on the menu in my opinion). And you don’t have to put on your Sunday best. Neighborhood: Madison Valley [website]


Cafe Pettierosso (o): Now, a nice little joint from the sisters of Bang Bang offering an even a few more breakfast options. Think tofu scramble with roasted veggies, biscuits and gravy, and fresh fruit. This place is classy and it is open on week days! Neighborhood: Capitol Hill [website]

Chaco Canyon (✫): oh, you say you DON’T don’t want vegan Green Eggs & Ham, sourdough Belgian waffles, tofu-crimini scramble, vegan french toast, or house-made granola? Yeah, right. Come and get it, but only on Sundays. Neighborhood: University District and West Seattle [website]

Cortona Cafe (v): they only make one dish. But that dish is done so perfectly and with such love and care, you have to experience it for yourself: a vegan Belgium waffle (top photo).  Neighborhood: Central District [blog post with more info]

Flowers Bar & Restaurant (v): not traditional breakfast food, but an entire buffet of vegan food served for bunch. Go here if you are very, very hungry. Neighborhood: University District [yelp profile]


Georgetown Liquor Co (v): One of my very favorite places to eat, brunch or not. They have a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar and the best vegan “Eggs” Benedict north of the Columbia. Perfect for groups. Neighborhood: Georgetown [blog post with more info]

Healeo (o): for the health nut in all of us, go to this adorable juice joint for the healthiest smoothie, some raw salads, and vegan muffins by Julia’s Bakery. Depending on what you did the night before, I might recommend the Liver Detox juice (wink, wink). Neighborhood: Capitol Hill [website]

Highline Bar (✫) : the cuter older brother of Squid & Ink (rip), Highline offers some of the richest hangover curing brunch items and any vegan could ask for.  I always get a side of the famous vegan cottage cheese. Just updated their menu with even more vegan punk rock treats. All you can eat vegan biscuits and gravy. Seriously. Neighborhood: Capitol Hill [website]

Linda’s Tavern (o): these folks are pretty veggie friendly and they always have at least one vegan item on their menu, last time I was there it was a tofu scramble. A good place for your omnivore-friendly outings. Neighborhood: Capitol Hill [yelp profile]


Lost Lake Cafe (O): Newly opened in 2013 from the owners of the 5 Point, this joint is open 24 hours. You heard me, 24 hours. Like the 5 Point you can get tofu scramble any time of the day or night. Neighborhood: Capitol Hill  [website]

Plum Bistro (✫): by the same owner as Sage Cafe, but don’t expect the same food. Plum’s brunch menu is as flavorful as their dinner menu with a major mix of sweet and savory.  (I do miss their Latin infused menu with Fresh Maize Pancakes). Eat it. Neighborhood: Capitol Hill [website]

Portage Bay Cafe (o): this place has super long lines and for some reason is a favorite for North-westerners and their families. Known for using local, sustainable, and organic ingredients, Portage Bay has vegan pancakes, tofu scramble, and few other items. Neighborhoods: S. Lake Union, Ballard, Roosevelt [website]

Redwood (o): at least 5 different vegan options including a vegan waffle, biscuits and gravy, and a tofu scramble with veggie chorizo. Oh, and mimosas by the jug. (I wouldn’t have discovered this place without the painfully talented Scott Garner – Thank you Scott!) Neighborhood: Capitol Hill [yelp profile]


Silence Heart Nest (v): kind of weird vibe, but if you don’t mind, order the Western Round Up: a sweet potato biscuit with vegan sausage, and cashew gravy. They also have a couple tofu scrambles and vegan sesame pancakes. Neighborhood: Fremont [website]

St. Dames (v): this is one of my personal favorite places for three reasons. 1. Opens at 9 (I’m an early riser). 2. Incredible bread pudding every weekend. 3. And homemade hot sauces! Also serves vegan breakfast burrito, scramble, biscuits, and breakfast sammie, etc. Homemade bread for the toast too! [website]

Sunlight Cafe (v): this hippy holdover is a great place to bring mom and dad. Or if you are eating solo you can belly up to the bar just like the diners of ol’. In addition to the usual tofu scramble, they often have fresh baked vegan cookies, pies, and other goodies. Neighborhood: Roosevelt [yelp profile]

Wayward Cafe (✫): the mama of all vegan brunches. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, and it is hard to suggest just one thing, but my current favorite is the cheezy scramble with greens (photo below). Oh, also, they have the butteriest butterless cinnamon rolls ever baked. Neighborhood: University District [website]


I do reckon that this (albeit incomplete) list proves that diversity in vegan bunch options is not Seattle’s problem. Phew, now we can focus on other things, like, when will I get to open a vegan zine, t-shirt, book, art, accessory store?

20 thoughts on “A Whole Brunch of Vegan Options

  1. Thanks for pointing out the 5 Point. We have a ton of vegetarian options, and also many other vegan options like the No Huevos Rancheros, veggie bacon and Soyrizo, and of course many of our drinks. And we're open 24 hours with the full menu served all the time. Many of our employees are vegan or veg, so they're pretty helpful with changing dishes to fit your dietary needs. And we have a much better jukebox than most Vegan places. Love,The 5 Point Cafe415 Cedar StSeattle

  2. Thank you Anika! 5 Point is great @ the vegan thing, and has hugely contributed to me eating more vegan lately, because I’m there resting on a break between work, or just drinking on nights off, so its hard to think of it as a brunch place for me. Although, that could change if they obtained The Globes biscuits and Gravy recipe(wink). BUT, I hugely recommend it for anyone else who doesn’t practically live there like I do. It’ll be a much more better experience in that sense for them. We’ll have to try the Redwood.I had thought they only had 1 or 2 vegan specials every brunch. But biscuits and gravy is what I crave most for vegan B-fast. Man, I miss the Globe. -Soto

  3. Awesome, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I usually make it myself because of the raw thing, but every once in a while I want a cooked vegan breakfast. I love the Western Roundup at Silence Heart Nest, and I find the quirky atmosphere charming (probably thanks to my new-age mom). And of course Healeo is a staple since it's just up the street, and Chaco always has something I can eat. Looking forward to trying out the rest of the list. Thanks!

  4. So glad I found your blog! Ever since Touchstone bakery and cafe closed in Fremont my husband has been searching for a vegan mushroom gravy to take the place of his once much loved and cheap breakfast at Touchstone. It looks like we might just have a chance of finding him one after all. I have heard of and been to several of these places – a favorite is Cafe Flora. One place that I have had great veg brunch at, that you didn't mention, is Portage Bay Cafe (I've only been to the Lake Union one). I also love their focus on organic and local. Thanks for putting such a great resource together!

  5. Thanks for the list.Does redwood do brunch sat and sunday? and do you know what hours? yelp doesn't say (says it opens at 4 every day). Also, Portage Bay Cafe (at least the SLU one) offers several vegan brunch options, including vegan hash and pancakes.

  6. Hi Justin, as far as I know, it is ONLY on Sundays and only at 11 am. I end up missing it because I am hungry by 10 am. :)Tofu Mom: yeah, RIP Squid & Ink. I just removed them from the list altogether instead of mentioning it, but maybe I shouldn't have?

  7. CJ’s Eatery on 1st and Cedar in Belltown serves meat but has great vegetarian and vegan options. I have allergies to wheat, gluten, yeast and sesame, among others, so vegan fake meat is out as well as bread and hummus. I was here for brunch on a Saturday morning and they were so accommodating with my dietary needs and the meal was delicious.

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