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No Meat No Wheat

While working at Sidecar the other day, I noticed an uncommonly large quantity of vegan gluten-free goodness available. 50 photographs later, I had documented most of the options (and used up my entire iPhone battery, oops). I was surprised to find more than 4 types of gluten-free pizza, 4 pastas, 3 cake mixes, 3 types of cookies, 4 kinds of crackers, 2 brands of pancake mix, 4 kinds of candy bars, 5 flavors of gravy, 2 brands of instant mac and cheese, a veggie burger, bread, chocolate chips, cheeze topping, and thankfully, beer. And more!

Here is proof :

Now, I know that Whole Foods, PCC, and Madison Market have some gluten-free options, but if you love gluten-free food AND you love animals, you might as well shop at Sidecar since all of the profits go to support Pig’s Peace Sanctuary.

Y’all know about Wheatless in Seattle too, right? They have vegan gluten-free pizza and focaccia. Yum. Yum. Yum. Also, Pizza Pi next door to Sidecar has a gluten-free crust available. Plum Vegan Bistro also has some amazing gluten-free options.

8 thoughts on “No Meat No Wheat

  1. thanks for sacrificing your phone batteries for your readers – it was well worth it! I'll have to head over to Sidecar soon – I've heard nothing but wonderful things!

  2. Thanks for the GF post! Sidecar has so many gluten-free items. Pizza Pi's gf crust is my favorite. Flying Apron Bakery also has delicious vegan and gluten free cakes and pastries. Cafe Flora has many gf menu items as well. Wayward too. 😉

  3. Thank you Anika! As someone who is vegan and recently found out she needs to eat gluten-free, I really appreciate this post…and all the photos too! 🙂

  4. PS- you bring up a great point about shopping at Sidecar in order for profits to go to the Sanctuary. I live east of the Eastside, but when in Seattle I will make a point to do some grocery shopping each time at Sidecar from now on. 🙂

  5. This is great! I just love how many more options there are in what seems like just the last few years. Did you happen to see anything made with Kamut Khorasan Wheat? We tried a pancake mix and some pasta and loved them! I see the Enjoy Life chocolate chips in your photo and we love love that company and their products too. Our little guy has food allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts etc – Great photo!

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