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Animals on your wall. In the good way.

This is the first in a little series that I am planning that will highlight vegan artists around our town. I love Seattle. I love art. I love vegan people. Hope you love ’em too.

This post is close to my heart because I discovered this artist while doing a random internet search, and it turns out she is a good friend from high school. How totally RAD. And the good news is that she is even cooler now than she was then. With that wacky kismet note, let me introduce Vicki Nelson (

Vicki specializes in commissioned paintings of your most beloved pals; your kitties, doggies, bunnies, etc. Her love of painting developed early, even when she was little she would build and stretch her own canvas in her dad’s workshop. Vicki’s animal portraits are done with acrylics, which bring out amazing colors, but she also works with pencil, pen, and polymer clay. And another great thing? She is REALLY careful to make sure all of her paints and materials are cruelty-free, no animal products, no animal testing.

She works at the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) as the Donor Relations Coordinator, so her love of animals is one that permeates her entire world, not just her art. When I was a junior in high school, she was vegetarian and I wasn’t. She was so patient with me trying to convince me to have pizza with only veggies on it while on a trip to Whistler, I was like “GROSS!” and wouldn’t have any part of it. Funny how things work out. Now she and I have been vegan for almost the exact amount of time (17 years), but we aren’t super old, I swear.

Our paths also crossed almost 12 years ago when she helped us adopt our first dog, a giant pit-bull boxer mix named Keyser Soze (from PAWS). He passed away last summer from the worst dog cancer ever (RIP Big Man).

One other thing about Vicki that is hella sweet, as if being generous, vegan, and talented isn’t enough: she paints affordable art. You don’t have to be Richie Rich to afford a painting. Check out her commission prices. I love art for the people.

Vicki is currently in the processes of researching art supplies to create a website to help other artists find cruelty free products. She lives with her three fabulous adopted dogs, Cooper, Fizz Gig and Maggie Mouse, and and “the evil kitty,” Miette. If you want to contact her about a custom painting, just call or email. You can also find her art business, Vegan Me, on Facebook.

Other Seattle vegetarian and vegan artists I hope to share with y’all in the future: Scott “Seahag” Barclay (EGO), Chris Crites, Maré Odomo, Shaun Nel, Brock Shorno, Aaron Edge, Heidi Sandhorst, Scott Garner, and Jacob McCallum. Know of any others?

9 thoughts on “Animals on your wall. In the good way.

  1. Lovely art work. I am delighted to see it. I too am a vegan artist who paints non-human species. I would love to see a cruelty free website for art supplies. I look forward to seeing the work of more of my fellow vegan artists.

  2. I commissioned Vicki to do paintings of my children's pets two years ago, and honestly – they are still the Christmas gift that get raved about all the time. She captures the heart and soul of each animal on canvas. Truly amazing!

  3. I love your title for this post! Perfect! And just the other day I was thinking I want to start buying art from vegan artists. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Vicki is a coworker of mine, and by the time this month is over she will have painted portraits of each of my dogs. I can't rave enough about her work – it is absolutely rad and she is by far my favorite commision-based artist we feature in the PAWS auction.

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