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Baked again.

Friends, this post is for those among us with no talent, but a strong taste for wonderful vegan treats. What is one to do if you are more likely to accidentally broil rather than bake your batter, but need something better than grocery-store cake? Well, I have an answer for you: call Alicia Betty.

I learned about this custom Cake Queen from a note she posted on the Vegan Score Facebook page that had a gorgeous rose-topped cake (snap below). I vowed then and there that my next special occasion, I would order one of her masterpieces.

That day arrived when I decided to have six omnivores from my work over to my pad for cocktails. I wanted to impress them with my vegan food, but new I didn’t have the chops to bake something special.

Alica Betty delivered me a dozen of the most beautifully presented and perfectly baked cupcakes you can imagine. They had real cherry blossoms on top of a thick coconut frosting. Kirby, who has been vegan for 17 years said that he thought it was “the best cupcake he had ever had.”

Not only were they delivered to my door, on-time, and flawless, but were WAY more affordable than the “gourmet” cupcakes you can get at Cupcake Royal or Trophy Cupcakes. Prettier, more affordable, delivered, yummy, cruelty-free? YES, all of those things.

If you are looking for something special for your next event, you can get in touch with Alicia Betty on Facebook or email me for her number.

2 thoughts on “Baked again.

  1. ok, I'm sorry for commenting three times in a row on one day, but *drooooooooooooooooolllloool. I try to be a good vegan baker, and don't get me wrong my goodies are always delicious, I just can't seem to manage to make them pretty.. haha.

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