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GLC and Pickled Asparagus Love

Georgetown Liquor Co is very kind to us vegans. I have devoured their amazing Field Roast-based sandwiches and vegan soups since they opened their doors. (Hello GLC, please make the beer cheddar soup again). And because their sandwiches are so rich and flavorful, I never worry that my omnivore friends will be disappointed when I drag them along.

But now the gang over at GLC is doing us one better: a full weekend brunch with a make-your-own Bloody Mary Bar for the boozers among us. TRUE FACT. They even have steak sauce and soy sauce so you can make your own vegan Worcestershire sauce and a GIANT selection of veggies to put in it: celery, pepperoncini, olives, cocktail onions, picked green beans, and picked asparagus! Although if I am going to “partake” with my breakfast, I prefer a Red Beer.

For the food, of the main 8 item menu, 3/4 of the items are vegan or purposely vegan-modifiable. And I think their dishes are just the kind of comfort food we deserve on the weekends: Biscuits and Gravy (pic left), Tofu Scramble, Chicken Fried Steak (pic right), and three kinds breakfast sandwiches, including one that you can order “double-decker” and get with vegan ham AND vegan sausage (why choose just one, really). And some dishes come with fruit, which I really love.

They have 2 dishes for your lacto-ovo veggie friends, or as my friend Jared calls himself, “The Rodney Danger Field of the Animal Rights World – I get no respect.” I think that that is hilarious.

Just to make sure the food was good, I went back three times between March 27 and April 17. These are the sacrifices I make. Heh. Even tho’ some of their posters say they open at 9 am, they just switched to opening at 10 am because no customers were coming in that early. So show up any time after 10 and dig in:

Georgetown Liquor Co.
5501 Airport Way South
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 763-6764

2 thoughts on “GLC and Pickled Asparagus Love

  1. this looks so good! my usual vegan brunch is quickie too because it's in walking distance from my apartment, but i just might hit up glc tomorrow because true sunday brunch needs bloody marys! and i 100% agree about bringing back the beer cheese soup, it was the shit.

  2. Can't say enough good things about this place. Beer, vegan eats, and ole' school video games. You just can't beat that.My favorite sandwich is The Barron.

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