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Viva Nachos! Coma Sus Nachos!

Thanks to the internet and all of the wonderful people who spend time here, it was brought to my attention a while back that Bimbo’s serves vegan nachos. Now, you won’t find them on the official menu, but savvy diners know that they keep vegan cheese in the back, and you likely can get it on just about anything.

We first tried the standard nachos, and when the hot dish arrived, I was worried that the “vegan” cheese wasn’t really so vegan, because it had melted so perfectly. I asked them what brand they used (trying to seem curious, not crazy). Turns out, they use Follow Your Heart!* Hip Hip! OK, and here is the sad/funny part, the nachos were so good, and I ate them so fast, that I forgot to take a picture for y’all. Oops.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the crispy, melty, spicy goodness, so we went back a couple of weeks later and ordered the Bean and Guacamole Nachos with extra jalapeños – holy yum (photo right). Do this. It was amazing. Enough food for two people and hot, hot, hot. Alas, I didn’t like them quite as well as the standard nachos because the cheese wasn’t as melty. But don’t let that stop you, it was good, good, good.

Hop, skip over to bimbos: 1013 E Pike St, Mon-Thu 12-11 p.m., Fri-Sat 12p.m.-2 a.m., or Sun 2-10 p.m. Don’t forget a delicoius summer beverage like a Virgin Mojito or a Beer Margarita.

*I know it sounds cheesy (heh), but “Follow Your Heart” is kind of one of my mottos. I think this is a good sign that this vegan cheese has the same name. If you are vegetarian and wondering why someone would go through this trouble to avoid cheese, please consider the dairy cow.

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