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On Your Feet Veganism!

Update: This much loved establishment closed it’s doors in February 2013.
Did you know that this spring welcomed the first and only vegan shoe store, The Chocolate Shoe Box, to our little town? Well, it is actually a shoe store and chocolate store; I am guessing it is the only shop of its kind in the whole world. Way to be unique Seattle!

Many of you know I was considering opening a vegan shoe and clothing shop in Seattle, far off in the future. I am a little relieved that someone else has taken up this grand vision, more quickly than I. Now I can get vegan shoes (like the ones on the left – luv them.) without quitting my job. Win-win!

The Chocolate Shoe Box is owned and operated by Sadaf Hussain and her family. Although she is a medical doctor (wow!), her family owned 8 women’s boutiques in Toronto while she was growing up, so she is no stranger to the nuances and hard work of a retail establishment. Have I ever mentioned to you how much I hate leather* and how much I love chocolate? An other win-win!

The sweet little shop on Phinney Ridge carries both men and women’s shoes (about a 40/60 split) and some of the best brands out there like Neuaura, Jambu, Simple, Earth, Novacas, and Bourgeois Boheme (my personal favorite). Sadaf is happy to special order sizes or styles (but in my opinion, the best part of the store is actually getting to try on shoes, right?).

Even sweeter, the store carries chocolates that I have never seen anywhere else, including Rescue Chocolates from Brooklyn, Chocolate Inspiration from Chicago, Boardwalk Chocolates from Toronto, and Missionary chocolates from Portland. They even have my favorite truffles made here in Washington by Blissful Wonders. If you haven’t had the Irish Creme truffle you haven’t lived. I am not kidding. Really. I mean it. Truly. Ugh, I want one.

Whether it is chocolate or shoes, Sadaf works hard to source from eco-friendly and organic sources when possible. The store also has belts, wallets bags, and will soon carry some jewelry from vegan artists.

While you are out shopping your brains out in the Phinney/Greenwood neighborhood, let me highly recommend the shop just two doors south: Assemble Gallery & Studio. It has amazing gifts, crafts, and art and holds all sort of classes. It is one of my new favorite places in town. And if you get hungry, just head 10 blocks north to Naked City Tap House. They have a Field Roast BBQ Sandwich that can be made vegan and it is AMAZING.

So, new shoes, an Irish Creme truffle, new art, and a BBQ sandwich. What does it say about me that this could literally describe my perfect day? I am not a lazy, gluttonous, art addict. I swearish. Heh!

The Chocolate Shoe Box
(206) 659-0062

*It is clear that I hate leather because I love animals. But there are environmental reasons too. If you love the environment and think that by buying leather you are going “natural”, consider this: processing leather requires copious amounts of energy and a toxic mix of chemicals including formaldehyde, coal tar, and some cyanide containing finishes. The tanning process is pollutant-laced, and can leave chemicals in the water supply and on the hands (and in the lungs) of developing world workers. Tanneries are top polluters on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Superfund” list, which identifies the most critical industrial sites in need of environmental cleanup. Due to their toxicity, many old tannery sites can’t be used for agriculture, or built on, or even sold. More info here.

6 thoughts on “On Your Feet Veganism!

  1. you were right I am still in school (for 11 more days!!) then I will be moving down to Seattle area by the end of the month.P.S. this place looks really awesome!

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