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Vegan Pride Not Prejudice

Is it cheating that I am about to profile my own company? Yes! But how can I help myself? It says it right there in the subhead that I like vegan fashion. I can’t deny my nature. Don’t ask me to. 😉

So here is the scoop: Lion’s Share Industries is a new limited edition vegan t-shirt company based out of Seattle. Each series of shirts is based on a central theme and five vegan artists and illustrators are asked to participate. The artists pick the shirt color, shirt material, and ink colors, and they design the illustration. The artists also vote on the animal advocacy charity that 15% of the series profits will be donated to.

Only 180 of each shirt will be made available for sale and each comes with a hand numbered tag with the artists statement about the shirt. The t-shirts are made in the USA from 100% certified organic cotton, a blend of recycled PET and recycled cotton, bamboo, or hemp.

And the best news: they are available now. That is right! This moment, you can order one of these pieces of fashion-art and have it delivered to your doorstep in under a week. You may even get an extra treat in your (100% recyclable and biodegradable) envelope.

The theme of the first series is “flight” and the five designers are: Maré Odomo, EGO, Julia MacCracken, COSMOS, and Scott Garner. 15% of the profits of all Series One shirt sales will be donated to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

And while I am blathering on most self-centeredly, let me mention that much of the project was supported by really amazing vegans: friend-models, the logo designer, web designer, button company, file-prep dude, etc. More than ever, we get by with a little help from our friends.

So, forgive me, when I suggest that you pick out one or two of these lovely wearable art projects tout de suite, before they run out:

And more importantly, tell us what you think! We want to know more about what type of rad designs you want to wear. Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, and if you find yourself in a photo with one of our shirts on, tag us on Flickr!

Thanks friends!

One thought on “Vegan Pride Not Prejudice

  1. Oh, gee. Quelle shock. There are no options for any larger-sized vegans – male OR female – that wear anything larger than a (slim-fitting!) XL. Fat vegans – we're like unicorns. We don't really exist.

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