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Epic Vegan Cookie Monster Crushes City

Crushes in the good way! A brand new vegan cookie company has launched this week in our little village! Skydottir Epic Cookies are vegan, gluten-free, 90% organic, and yummy in your tummy. This little start-up was founded by the very powerful* Alison Dahmen, who pays homage to her Icelandic heritage in the company’s name, and keeps it real with OLD SCHOOL chocolate chip cookies (see snap, left).

I think these little cookies are especially handy in this heat, when NONE OF US, want to be baking in any way shape or form. I am also pleased that they will be available at all sorts of convenient locations around Seattle such as: Sidecar (U-District), Madison Market (Cap Hill), City Market (Cap Hill), Miro Tea (Ballard), Bark Espresso (Northgate), Ground Control (Georgetown), HEALEO (Cap Hill), Carleton Grocery (Georgetown). And probably loads of other joints soon. Hecks yeah. When you buy them at the grocery store, they come in a little box of three (see snap, right).

Also, Alison listens to KZOK and likes Cheap Trick, Prince, King Diamond, and Voivod–an additional selling point for when I am choosing companies to give my $$ to. Right? And local companies rule. Try some.

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*My personal opinion based on her horned hat.

P.S. I guess “professional” bloggers make of us fake(?) bloggers who use cell phones to take pictures. Well to these blogsnobs** may I officially say “suck it”. If it weren’t for my phone I probably wouldn’t bother. To everyone else, please forgive my crappy photo skills. I love you.

**Has this term already been coined? If not, I stake my claim today!

4 thoughts on “Epic Vegan Cookie Monster Crushes City

  1. oh, snap! I was just at Madison Market today to grab some sale items (Larabars only 99 cents!) and didn't even know to look for them. Thanks for the pic! Now I know what to look for.

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