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Vegan Bike Scavenger Hunt for SHAC7

Premise: our town rules.

Exhibit A: a scavenger hunt that you do while on your bike that raises funds to take an animal activism First Amendment rights legal case to the Supreme Court. Three parts of radness, let’s break that down:

  1. Photo Scavenger Hunt: oh my dog! What? The most fun party game ever invented. In this case you can do it on your own or in a team of up to 4 people. Find things around our town! Take Pictures! Have fun while doing it! Win prizes (including a vegan shirt by Lion’s Share)! Agreed!
  2. On Your Bike: Seattle folk love bikes, despite our copious quantities of very steep hills. This hunt will be clustered so even if you aren’t a daily biker, you’ll be able to have just as much fun. I’d like to see some kids on BMX trick bikes. That would make my day.
  3. Fund Raiser: for the SHAC7. If you aren’t familiar with the case of 6 animal rights activists whose free-speech activity against a cruel animal testing facility got them convicted as terrorists (no joke), it is time to do some homework. The $15 that you donate to participate will help pay for hidden costs associated with taking a case to the biggest court in the land. Don’t let obsessed prosecutors squash First Amendment because the SHAC7 legal efforts couldn’t afford copies of the legal briefs. OK?

How to:

  • RSVP on this Facebook event page or email so they know how many clue sheets to make.
  • Show up at 6:30 on Friday July 30, 2010 to Gasworks Park.
  • Bring ring your bike, a helmet, 1 digital camera, and your $15 entry fee.
  • A list of clues will be given and you’ll have 2 hours to take as many snaps as you can.
  • Enjoy the after-party celebration (location TBD).

And there are some nifty prizes. You could win: a gift certificate to Sidecar for Pigs Peace, a gift certificate to Cosmos Vegan Shoppe, a t-shirt of your choice from Lion’s Share Industries, or a vegan chocolate gift basket from The Chocolate Shoebox!

Don’t ride a bike? Me neither! You can still help this really important cause by: TELLING ALL YOUR BIKE-LIKING FRIENDS, volunteering at the event, just donating $15, and by joining everyone for the after party celebration. There will be homemade cupcakes at the party too.

Tell me if you are coming! I can’t wait to see all those vegan bicyclists and I’ll see you at the after party.

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