Vegan Services

Get a Little Luxury. Give a Little Love.

Those of you who know me, know that even tho’ I am lazy, I am not the type to hire someone to do all my dirty work. I don’t always like rolling up my sleeves, but I do it anyhow. Having someone clean your home is a luxury most of us can little afford, and likely a luxury many wouldn’t consider.

Time for a change of heart? I just discovered that Kitty Jones, (who is an exceptionally politically active young vegan), is cleaning homes to raise money for her favorite animal charities. You heard right: working hard, not for clothes money or to buy a car, but to help others.

For only $10/hour, Kitty will clean your home, with her own cruelty-free cleaning supplies, and then donate that dough. Amazing. If we were all like Kitty when we were in high school, my guess is that the world would be a little kinder place today.

Nine reasons to call Kitty’s ten digits.

  1. You know someone who works hard and deserves a little luxury in their lives. Mom? Friend at work? New parent? You could give them 4 hours of cleaning for only $40. Best gift ever.
  2. You are about to have a huge party, and those are no fun for the host if you spent the first 10 hours of the day cleaning your pad.
  3. You just had a huge party and your friends are total dirt bags who left more garbage in your tub than in the trash can. (Sorry).
  4. You are moving out of your rental place and don’t want the landlord cleaning fee.
  5. You are moving into a new place that is not so shiny.
  6. Your parents are coming to visit.
  7. You deserve a break. We all do sometimes. Maybe now is your time?
  8. You just want to help Kitty raise money for really, really good causes. A couple of hours every week might do the trick.
  9. You are a lazy S.O.B. (this is going to be my excuse if Kirby ever lets me call her).

The money that she raises will go to: The Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW, The Galapagos Preservation Society, and other non-profit animal rights groups.

So pick of the phone, dial 206-365-3752, and ask for Kitty. Get a little luxury. Give a little love.

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