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Vegan Cake Fueled Sing-A-Long

My blog should really be called, “pages and pages of proof that Seattle is the world’s most fantastic city.” The freshest evidence is a little weekly event that goes by the party-toned title of: “CAKE-AROKEE”.

Even if you haven’t seen the posters all over town (drawn by the talented Mary Ferrario, yo), the name betrays any secrecy about this good time: It is all about CAKE and KARAOKE. And not just any cake, but VEGAN cake. Not just any karaoke, but PUNK rock, classic rock, and local rock sing-alongs at Seattle’s favorite all-vegan bar, Highline.

How could such a miracle come to be in our little town? According to one of the co-founders of this brilliant event, Tori Brewster, the idea was really a “DIT (do-it-together) affair” that sprung from having an old karaoke machine from a previous job, and baking tons with friend Alicia Better (featured on this very blog last march).

A few of you may have attended the early version of Cake-arokee at the now defunct, Squid & Ink. Thanks be to Jarrod, Howie, Dylan, and Tori that they brought this party with them and dropped it smack dab in the middle of capitol hill. Hosted by the ever-entertaining James Stofleth and Mary Ferrario and with cakes made with love by baker extraordinaire Tori, there is nothing that should keep you away from Broadway and John every Tuesday. Early Wed meeting? I say, just move it. Or quit. Whichever. Young children at home? I say, lend them out to family members for a night. Chronic illness? You know what they say about living each day as if it were your last!

Stage fright? Pshaw: James is “naturally exuberant, outgoing, and a true party starter,” and also extremely supportive. Mary is sweet and hilarious. Rumor has it that Cake-arokee is the most supportive karaoke night in town because they make karaoke fun rather than intimidating. Tori told me that James “just makes it look like such a good time, its hard to resist getting up and dancing and singing like a fool.” And boy can I dance like a fool.

Come and see Tori sing “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler (it is her favorite), hang out with Lee, the Tuesday bar tender, Laz, the Tuesday night doorman, and Chainsaw and Spike, who make the fabulous food on Tuesday nights. Get a slice of cake such Lemon Vanilla with coconut frosting or Gluten Free Chocolate Raspberry Death Cake with chocolate ganache frosting.

What songs are you going to put in the hat? I personally like duets, so keep that I mind. If you really want to make Tori happy, sing anything by Journey or Salt n Peppa, or anything that gets the whole crowd singing along or up out of their chairs dancing.

Not into karaoke, ever? Don’t fret, you can hire the team just for a delicious birthday or special event cake (at Highline or elsewhere). Not into cake? You can hire the Cake-arokee gang for any ol’ event, sans cake if you want. They are available to hire for vegan cake, karaoke, or both! (just email ’em at

You can “like” them on Facebook to get updates on the next week’s cakes, or send in song and cake suggestions. Best Tuesday ever? Hands down.

The Seattle vegan community rules so hard, I get a little choked up sometimes. Beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Vegan Cake Fueled Sing-A-Long

  1. Anika, proud mom am i (Tori's mom). Great article and cakearokee is awesome AND for all ages (like those of us who heard Journey for the 1st time…) thanks for writing about the Highline & esp Tori, James, & Mary and getting the word out! see you some Tuesday night-sandy

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