Vegan Events

Voting Vegan!

You’ve probably seen a lot of requests via Facebook or Twitter to vote for some of your favorite places in King 5’s Best of Western Washington annual popularity contest. Many vegan joints are in mainstream categories because they are SO GOOD. To make sure you don’t miss voting for them, I’ve made a list of the ones that I know about.

Pics left to right: Sidecar, cinnamon roll from Wayward Cafe, Salad from Pizza Pi

Some Vegan Friendly Joints
There are also some places up for voting that have great vegan options and really make it easy when you frequent their places. Here are a few that I know about. If you vote for one of these, be sure to post a note about voting because of their vegan goodies.

Pics left to right: Me and Big Heidi the vegan tattoo artist, vegan nachos from Bimbo’s, vegan vermicelli bowl from Moonlight.

I am sure there are more, so let me know! We can vote for all of these vegan and vegan-friendly places and show Seattle how freaking huge the vegan community is here. As I like to say, vegans are EVERYWHERE (see vegan of the week).

2 thoughts on “Voting Vegan!

  1. Awesome list! I'm going to be moving soon and kind of have my options open as to where to go. Seattle is definitely high on my list because of lists like this!

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