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For the Love of Laziness

Let’s get right to the point: there is a new Pizza joint near my abode that 1) has Daiya vegan cheese 2) delivers to my door. The universe is conspiring to support my laziness and I am happy to be indulged.

zpizza, a pretty big franchise chain out of Laguna Beach, CA with 100% organic wheat crusts, organic tomato sauce, and vegan cheese, recently opened up shop on Broadway, just across from Seattle Community College on our fare Capitol Hill. KC and I were walkin by and just by fluke grabbed a to-go menu. If it weren’t for that, not sure how long this place could have gone undiscovered. My friend Maré knew about it and didn’t even tell me; what other vegan secrets are being kept from me!? OK, I’ll calm down.

We ordered the “Berkley Vegan” which has veggie burger crumbles, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, bell peppers, (and of course, sauce and vegan cheese). It was really good. I hope you can see from the right picture above how fresh and plentiful the toppings were. (We also ordered a salad, but it was too small for the $$, so I don’t recommend it).

Now zpizza is no substitute for Pizza Pi (and their all vegan menu), where I can indulge in every pizza configuration known to man, but it is a major improvement in our delivery options and I expect that it will replace other more expensive delivered food when we need/want it — you know, when you are too drunk, too tired, too sick, or too busy to do anything else. If you live on First Hill, Cap Hill, and perhaps some areas of downtown and the CD, you may be in luck!

Also, they wrote my name on the top of the box with a smiley face and a star for the i dot, turns out I am sucker for sweet customer service.

Find them: 1620 Broadway, or call them: 206-432-9158, or interweb them:

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