Vegan Food

Hallava Falafel – A Georgetown Score

Heya! It’s your pal the Southside Vegan! Today I’m raving about my old go-to Georgetown score Hallava Falafel!! Since the very birth of the Falafel truck, proprietor Rick has been uber vegan friendly. I may have actually been the first vegan to mosey up to the truck years ago (when it was still parked in front of the 9lb) and question the ingredients. Rick was like “are you vegan? – No problem!”

The vegan options aren’t on the menu. But all you have to do is ask. During the winter months he’s also offering “Super Famous Borscht” – which is vegan as long as the sour cream is omitted. He may have some other tasty vitals during the winter as well, since it’s a little slower and he’ll have the time to take custom requests.

In addition to being super cool to vegans and an overall awesome person, Rick’s food is PHENOMENAL. You don’t feel like you’re eating something with a key ingredient missing. Rick hooks up a flavor experience like I’ve never tasted elsewhere. It’s truly the best falafel in Seattle, hands down.

Hallava Falafel
5825 Airport Way S
Seattle WA

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