Vegan Artists

Vegan Derelict

Discovering a vegan artist is one of my favorite things to “score” around town. Mostly because people are generally more important than food and things, and art is more important than everything. Although it has been a while since I wrote about local painter, Vicki Nelson, she was the first, and this is the second, in a series exploring the talented vegans that lift our town. Cue music please!

Born in Detroit, Michigan on May 28, 1990, Derelict is a Seattle rapper and MC who not only follows his heart when it comes to animals, but is an animal with the mic and a monster on the board. He just released, “Of Course It’s Cashmere” (OCIC) with 20 tracks, that he is giving to our town.* I met him last year after discovering we both like to play a little dominoes; I hope you enjoy his company as much as I do.

Q: What got you into creating music?
Derelict: I’m not sure what really got me into music – creating it anyway. I can’t really remember the moment that sparked it, but it might be just hearing music I liked and wanted to make music that I thought was dope and maybe others will too.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?
Derelict: One person that I always liked was Fiona Apple just for her subtle voice, but strong subject matter and very visual style. Em is a huge influence; crazy word juggling, offensive lyrics. IT’S GREAT! Sage Francis is ill, Mos Def, Method Man, Redman.

Q: Does veganism come into your lyrics?

Derelict: I talk about being vegan in my music. I’m proud of it and it tends to work well as a mention in some tracks. I think at least 5 or more songs on OCIC mention me being vegan or is vegan related in some form.

Q: Where can one grab a copy?
Derelict: OCIC will be available at a few shops in Capital Hill such as Platinum Records, 35th North, The Cobra Lounge and I’m sure they’re floating around in other spots too. My new Street Team crew has put them up in a few spots, I still have a lot more to hand out. [Ed. If you don’t need a physical copy, you can download it here or you can buy one online at the Lion’s Share store.]

Q: When is the next time we can see you live?
Derelict: I think my next show will be September 24th at the Cobra Lounge in Cap Hill / First Hill.

Q: What’s next?
Derelict: Planning on shooting some music videos soon, working on a small project with Jay5ATRON, and collecting material to put together an album. I’m looking to do more shows in the state and along the coast, just a constant flow of creation in some form whether it’s from my music, photos, or other writing for my blog and HipHopNorthwest. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll be in the next LSI series photo shoot as well.

Derelict (aka Simar Tate) is a talented, generous bloke. Let me mention, that in addition to sharing his music with us, he also donated his time to model for Lion’s Share Industries (LSI) last spring, and he volunteers on at Sidecar, our much-loved volunteer-staffed vegan store.

I suggest these things for you: 1.) Download OCIC, or go here to buy one for $5, 2.) follow Derelict on twitter, and 3.) do the “like” thing for Camp Lazlo Studios so you can get the latest news on Derelict and other related artists.

I know I say this often, but Seattle is an incredible place. Derelict is just more proof for my postulation that our town is the greatest city on this here blue marble. I sometimes wonder if I might love it too much, and it might wake up some morning feeling smothered by my devotion. I hope that day is a long time off because I am in no mood for a break up.

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