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Full Tilt (some vegan ice cream into my mouth)

It’s the southside vegan again, breaking down rad vegan scores for my fellow Seattle southsiders! This weekend is all about Ice Cream. Full Tilt blows me away every time. I of course go to the original White Center location after a delicious vegan burrito from Taqueria La Fondita. Though, there are two other locations in Seattle.

Full Tilt usually has at least one vegan flavor on the menu. This time I was treated to 2! They had Mayan Chocolate and Vietnamese Cinnamon. The sugar cones are vegan, though the waffle cones are not.

Not only is the ice cream vegan, it is also completely scrumptious, and freaking gourmet! Justin, a vegetarian, creates all his own recipes and makes each batch by hand. Plus he is not afraid of flavors! The Vietnamese Cinnamon almost hurt my nose (in a good way!), it was so spicy.

The vegan ice creams are made from coconut milk. Justin says that unlike soy or other vegan options, coconut milk has enough natural fats negating the need for a bunch of stabilizers used in traditional vegan ice creams. And don’t worry if you’re not much of a fan of coconut, you might not even know by tasting it. Full Tilt is super cute inside. Complete with pinball machines and punk rock zines.

I got a double cone with both the vegan offerings that day. I might not have picked Mayan Chocolate and Vietnamese Cinnamon together if I’d had other options, but the combination was totally spot on, and totally White Center!

White Center is arguably the most culturally diverse neighborhood in the city. How do you get a taste of White Center? You mix Mayan Chocolate and Vietnamese Cinnamon together with coconut on a vegan sugar cone at Full Tilt. That’s how!!

Full Tilt
White Center
9629 16th Ave Sw
12pm-10pm Tues-Sat
12pm-9pm Sunday

Columbia City
5041 Rainier Ave S

2-10 Sun-Thurs
2-late Fri-Sat

University District
4759 Brooklyn Ave NE
12-10 Tues-Sat
Sun 3-10

All locations closed on Monday

7 thoughts on “Full Tilt (some vegan ice cream into my mouth)

  1. NICE!! Been hearing great things about this place, any idea how an out-of-towner (me… Puyallup) might find out if they have vegan ice cream on a given day? Just call I suppose? I hate to make the drive if they've run out (and I can't do cinnamon, sadly).Nice review!!

  2. They always have some vegan options! But I think calling ahead (white center: 206-767-4811) to find out what flavors would be smart, if you can't do cinnamon. I love the Almond Joy (chocolate and almond chunks in the coconut ice cream) or the Chocolate Hazelnut (my fave).

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