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She’s a Souper Freak, She’s Souper Freaky

If you have been to any of Seattle’s amazing farmers markets and outdoor markets lately, then you might be familiar with the hero of tonight’ post, a little company that goes by the moniker: Got Soup? Some brilliant person sent me a link to their website about a month ago, and I had been planning on picking up some of their frozen take-home soups, but just hadn’t found my way to a market in quite some time (boo).

Thankfully the lovely Rebecca Bolte (Southside Vegan Score correspondent) and Rex Ray offered to give us a ride home from brunch at Highline or I might not have stumbled upon the greatness of their vegan soups at the Broadway Farmers Market.

“Only the pure of heart can make good soup” – Beethoven

Well, here is the scoop: each week Got Soup? offers 4 varieties, and at least 1 of them is vegan and another is either vegan or vegan-modifiable. They sometimes even have raw soup. And not just any old soup, but concoctions such as: Parsnip and Pear, Kohlrabi with Kale and Shittake, Smoked Tomato Bisque, Thai Pumpkin and Coconut, Chilled Pineapple with Avocado (raw), and Garden Pea with Mint and Tarragon. If this list doesn’t make you hungry, you might need to have your brain-tummy connection checked out.

We were fortunate enough to be at the market on a week that they were serving the Kohlrabi with Kale and Shittake, with a garnish of kimchi I might add. They had samples available, and we took a tub home. It was as amazing as it sounds, and perfect for this crummy weather.

Note that all four photos are by Rebecca Bolte

So, I don’t want you to miss out on this amazing soup. And I want you to have some in your freezer for the cold months when you need soup but most of the markets are closed, so here is a list of the markets where you can get some of this amazing food and the last day that the market is open. (If you miss this window, don’t freak, there are 2-3 markets open year round:

  • Madrona – September 24
  • Magnolia – September 25
  • Georgetown – September 25
  • Phinney – October 1
  • Lake Forest – October 10
  • Bellevue – October 14
  • Mercer Island – October 17
  • Columbia City – October 20
  • Broadway – December 19
  • University District – All-Year
  • West Seattle – All-Year Oh but wait!

The universe continues to bring me ways to support my laziness: if you order 4 soups or more, you more you get free home delivery!

To stay up to date on their soups of the week, you can Like them on Facebook or subscribe to the Got Soup? blog. Stay warm and cozy!

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