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Movie House Loves Vegans

Just when I thought everyone knew everything about vegan goodness in Seattle, I learned that many of my friends had no idea how super-rad-a-licious Central Cinema is!

Did you know?

  1. Central Cinema serves food and beer with a movie on comfy couch-like benches. Not a brand new idea, just a really, really good idea.
  2. They play the best movies of any theater in town. Evidence: Heathers, Airplane, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Team America, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Back to the Future.
  3. They have a little night called “TV Dinner” where you can watch four episodes of your favorite TV shows like Golden Girls and 30 Rock. For free. What?! I wouldn’t kid you.
  4. Next Monday they are playing one of my favorite movies of all time: WING CHUN (aka Tofu Princess), see below. I mean, who is the curator here? In love.
  5. They put on a “Way Gay Sing A Long” night and a “Ladies of the 80s” sing along night, with subtitles so even if you are dork and don’t know cool songs, nobody will know.
  6. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, they are super uber (that isn’t a double positive is it?) vegan friendly. They don’t mind telling you what is vegan or not, and don’t look at you crazy-like when you ask questions. They label things vegan and often have a vegan dessert special too!

They have always had vegan Field Roast Dogs in a Blanket (yes, the dough is vegan!), but now they also have Vegan Balsamic Mushroom Burger (glazed crimini mushrooms hand formed into a burger and served with tomato, onion and butter lettuce on a brioche bun) and Vegan Empanadillos (pastries stuffed with potatoes, mushrooms, and red peppers served with sweet pepper jelly).

And for vegan snacks, in addition to the classic popcorn, they serve edamame and sweet potato oven fries.

And the frosting on this very entertaining cake? If you buy your tickets ahead of time, they are only $5! And it is all ages for you young-uns looking for a good date place. What are you waiting for. Do it to it.

Central Cinema
1411 21st Avenue
Seattle WA 98122
6pm-11pm (with late night movies on some nights)

One thought on “Movie House Loves Vegans

  1. Looks like they've scaled back their vegan options since your write-up. 😦 No more Empanadillos, burger, edamame, or fries, but they added roasted or pickled veggies.

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