Vegan Food

Eastside Story: salad and a donut

A few of you might know that I spend at least one day each week in Bellevue, usually hunkered up in my company’s office in the Symetra Tower downtown. I don’t venture far, for fear of getting lost, but I have occasionally gone out for mid-days sustenance to the standard joints have vegan modifiable menu items: Boom Noodle, Nibbana, What The Pho, Mediterranean Kitchen, Casa D’s Taqueria, etc. But I’ve never been overjoyed with my downtown Bellevue lunch options. Until now.

greens and fruit selection and Mighty-O Donuts

I have finally found my favorite place to eat and it is right in the lobby of my building: the 777 Cafe. It isn’t the most inspired meal, in fact, it is a salad bar. But it has a few things going for it that I haven’t found anywhere in one place, even in Seattle:

  • Beans! soy beans, kidney beans, and garbanzo beans. Three choices of high nutrition, filling, protein packed pebble shaped wonders to put on your salad. I mix all three, of course.
  • Fresh tofu: that’s right, large cubes of super firm tofu, fresh, not fried, to drop on your salad. Yummy with balsamic vinegar dressing.
  • Mighty-O donuts. Not for placing on top of your salad necessarily, but trust me, for some reason an organic, vegan sweet treat sounds totally amazing after a really big salad.

finished salad, front of cafe, and beans, beans, beans

So, yeah, a salad bar might not be the most amazing score you’ve ever heard of, but if you work in downtown Belleuve, as 35,000 people do each day, I know you’ll be happy that I found some vegan donuts at least. And if you love salad like I do, you’ll also be tickled that they have lots of fruit, jalapenos, sunflower seeds, peas and baby corn, and three kinds of fresh greens. And I do personally declare: salad and a donut is my new favorite lunch.

777 Cafe
777 108th Avenue NE
Corner of NE 8th St. and 108th Ave NE
(425) 451-0777

Bellevue Natives: are there places downtown that you love? That maybe folks like me wouldn’t find on their own? Fantastic dishes at otherwise unassuming chain restaurants that shouldn’t be missed? Maybe you know a ton and want to be a guest blogger? Huh? Huh? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

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