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Remedy for a Hungry Vegan

Oh hello little hidden tea basement serving delicious vegan tea sandwiches and organic green tea. Let me introduce you to some friends of mine. Remedy Teas, meet some more Seattle vegans. Seattle vegans, please meet Remedy Teas.

Lovely and bright even on this most dark and dreary Saturday, Remedy Teas brings some casual and modern spirit to a serious and ancient tradition: Chinese and Japanese tea. With more than 150 varieties of tea, plus other tea-related beverages, you won’t go home thirsting for more.

And of course, more than just teas, this special little joint serves salads, 7 kinds tea sandwiches (of which almost all have a vegan variation), a daily hot vegan soup, and breakfast items. Our first trip we tried the Ravish sandwich (sesame garnished tea triangles with radish and onion inside), a meal that sounds meager, but was totally not. This sammie was actually amazing. I would like to have one every day from here on out. OK?

Other notes: very kid friendly. They sell tea accoutrement, vegan baked goods, bulk teas, and make yummy tea infused smoothies, (e.g., creamsicle: rooibos tea, fresh orange, organic banana, soy protein, and ricemilk, yum).

So while the rain is chillin’ your bones, let this little tea shop warm your gullet. And if Capitol Hill is a little inconvenient, stay home and order their amazing teas to your doorstep.

Remedy Teas
345 15th Ave East
Seattle, WA, 98112

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