Vegan Food

Ain’t No Party Like a Vegan Tea Party

Hey. Hoh.

So everyone knows about the Teapot Vegetarian House on capitol hill. It has been a 15th Ave staple and a mecca for vegans from all over for more than a decade. But did you know that this quirky Asian-fusion loving, water feature-friendly, 100% vegan restaurant has a twin sister over on the eastside?

And just like the original, the Redmond location has all your favorite dishes (Mongolian vegetarian anyone?), and a long list of green, black, and herbal teas. The best part? The teas come in lovely clay, steal, and ceramic pots collected by the owner. This is my herbal citrus ginger tea.

The eastside locale is tucked away in s strip mall just north of Fred Meyers next to a Malay Satay and a Hoagie shop. Even if you know it is there, it is very easy to miss. It’s worth the trek up or down Bell-Red Road from downtown Redmond or Bellevue for lunch and has enough familiar fried goodies to tempt even the most carnivore of omnivores.

If you haven’t been to either location in a while, let me remind you of a few special items: mango cheese cake, fresh lettuce wrap, hot & sour soup, smoked “salmon” (one of my favorites), and fried wide noodles. Don’t forget to finish it or start it with some traditional Chinese style green tea.

How are you not hungry yet? A better question is, if the more eco-friendly of the nuts over at the Tea Party broke off from the group, would they call themselves the Green Tea Party? Yuk. Yuk.

Teapot Vegetarian House
15230 NE 24th St.
Redmond, WA 98052

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