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BBQ Soul Food on Seattles South Side!

Word up to my neighbors! It’s the South Side Vegan again with a new score from, where else? White Center yall! Uncle Mikes just opened 2 months ago, bringing the southern style love to Seattle’s south side. You can feel the love that went into this place when you first walk in. There are large family style tables, warm cozy colors, and signs about love and respect on the walls.

Uncle Mike himself promptly welcomed me. I asked him about the vegan items on the menu. He took a thoughtful moment and started recommending one of the two vegetarian sandwiches (without the bbq aioli!) and a whole host of sides, including red beans and rice. (confirmed no chickens were juiced in the making of the rice.) I ended up ordering the bbq tofu sandwich without the aioli and a side of fries.

Oooh weee! My tongue was so happy biting into this sandwich! I felt like I was back in the south (… that is if there was a vegan-friendly bbq joint in the south). The bread was just the right amount of crispy and soft, the peppers were grilled to the perfect consistency with this amazingly smoky flavor. The firm tofu tasted marinated and baked and had a lovely hearty consistency. The sauce is just tangy and straight up perfection! (also confirmed no anchovies were minced in the making of the sauce).

It’s obvious Uncle Mike knows what he’s doing with tofu and didn’t just throw some veggies on a bun and call it a veg option. To top off the delicious food, Uncle Mike is super charming and just makes you want to hang out in his restaurant all day and talk about all your hard life lessons.

Listen up vegans: let’s bring hoards of veg folk to Uncle Mikes to let him know how much we appreciate that sweet sweet soul food in the Northwest!!

9640 16th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106
(Across the street from Full Tilt!)

7 thoughts on “BBQ Soul Food on Seattles South Side!

  1. sorry uncle mikes sucks. portions for veg options are tiny and the food is bland.this place claims huge portions and its a lie.i urge all to boycott uncle mikes .

  2. What a great article and photos! I also want to thank all of you who are vegan who came to try out the food at Uncle Mike's Barbecue. Everyone I've spoken to has said the food is great & there's nothing you would change. I'm grateful and honored that you've given us at Uncle Mike's a try. Regards, Uncle Mike.

  3. I loved the BBQ sandwich. Also, the portion of fries was spot on. They were delicious and just enough for me to eat all of and not leave any left over. Uncle Mike is also sooo sweet. I really appreciate anyone asking for feedback. He really cares about his customers. Also, the sweet tea… OMG.

  4. My wife & I went in on a quite Monday night, I had the BBQ Tofu sandwich and it was delicious! When Uncle Mike asked for constructive criticism I tried to tell him everything was perfect numerous time but he continued to press so I eventually admitted that there could have been more tofu on the sandwich… he seemed more than responsive to the idea. Trevor's call for a boycott is the most ridiculous thing I've read in a while – go eat at Uncle Mike's, you won't be sorry!

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