Vegan Food

Loco Cozy Ocho in Ballard

So you are looking for a crazy cozy, perhaps romantic, and truly delicious locale to have cocktails? Let me suggest a tiny nick of a place near the heart of Ballard: Ocho.

This dark and rustic Spanish tapas bar, hidden in plain sight next to Azteca, is lucky to have vegan genius, Eric Cockrell, working in their kitchen. Mr. Cockrell developed a totally vegan, and mega delicious chorizo dish for their tapas menu. Packed with seitan, fabada beans, seasonal vegetables (brussel sprouts and roasted tomato when I had it), dates, and toasted slivered almonds, it was so good, I didn’t want to share it with my gal dates (sorry Sheila and Rebecca).

Left photo of chorizo dish courtesy of Eric Cockrell’s camera phone. Righ photo courtesy of Ocho.

Ocho has 3 other items on the menu that are vegan modifiable, including a simple butter lettuce salad and a really yummy plate of Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with brava sauce). We just asked our server to bring us one of everything that could be made vegan – they were so kind and accommodating. Thanks Ocho!

And if you are into Spanish tapas, but don’t want to leave Capitol Hill, you can also try out Tango. They have at least 2 vegan dishes, including a pickled beet and quinoa tapas – plus they know about gluten-free dishes.

No se sabe si algo es bueno hasta que se lo pone a prueba.

Other good vegan tapas in town? Tell me where to go!

2325 NW Market St,
Seattle, WA

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