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Ghost with the Most

Anyone into punk in the last 20 years knows that there is nothin’ quite like an all vegan hardcore band to lift your spirits and bring out your very best dance moves. Really.

Thanks to the guys and gal in Olde Ghost, you don’t have to live in D.C. in 1988 to experience the wonderment of your own local old school hardcore band. I don’t kid. Most of the cats in Olde Ghost have been playing in bands for all of their lives, some for 20+ years, so they bring real experience and no retro posing.

They’ve only played one show. Ever. But don’t fret, they’ll be putting on the ritz in less than two weeks at our favorite all-ages home venue: the Black Lodge. Line up is looking like this:

Run with the Hunted (AZ Hardcore)
Not Sorry (Seattle Wyld Punx)
Envision (Seattle/Bellingham Hardcore)
Olde Ghost (Seattle Hardcore)
Breag Naofa (Seattle Heavinesss, first show)

Super show BONUS: there will be a vegan bake sale, put on by former VotW, Mo Wyse, benefiting Precious Life Animal Sanctuary.

Show info:
Sunday, December 5, 2010
The Black Lodge
Doors at 6:00pm
More info here

Olde Ghost is: Ego (drums), D Hach (base), Kirb (guitar), LaPointe (vocals), and Sara (vocals). If you don’t already love at least one of these hardcore kittens, I promise you will.*

One more reason to like them: they aren’t in it for the money (what money?). They are playing benefit shows and/or donating their take (if there is any). Could these kids get any sweeter? No. Will they scream their way into your punk rock heart? Absolutely. Become a fan of Olde Ghost and get updates on shows and recordings.

Stay tuned for more vegan musicians and artists coming your way, including an expose on super amazing vegan jazz musicians such as Jason Parker and Andrew Boscardin. And don’t forget about your favorite Seattle vegan MC, Derelict. And as always, help a gal stay in the know. What are you up to?

*I feel obligated to state, if it isn’t obvious, that the old goats in this band are my dearest friends and therefore my statements about them may not be very objective. Not that any of you were mistaking this blog for objective journalism. heh.

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