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Peppermint Cookie Perfection. Addiction.

I rarely make an effort to write a full blog post about a single vegan product. Exceptions include Skydottir GF Vegan Cookies, Leahey Garden’s Vegan Mac and Cheese, Dandie’s Vegan Marshmallows, and TODAY! I just needed to make sure you all knew about my new favorite thing: the Late July Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies Sprinkled with Organic Peppermint.

That was a mouthful. LJODCCSCSWOP for short? Uhhh. How about just “Peppermint Cookie Perfection” PCP. That is better – hints at it’s addictive qualities.

The cookie on the inside of PCP is super crispy and light but with rich chocolate flavor, and the chocolate covering on the outside is just thick enough to hold the thing together when you bite into it, but not so thick that you think you are eating candy instead of cookie. PCP is also just the right amount of mint. Two out of two tasters (thanks Newtonator and Kirb) agree that this delightful store-bought delectable is very special indeed.

The PCP is ideal for terrible bakers like me (I know I can’t be alone, right? Hello?). It also comes in an adorable lidded box perfect for giving to your lovable friends and family. Each vegan cookie is individually wrapped, so you can give a box or a single cookie. After having this yummy thing for the first time, I thought, honestly, “This is all I want for xmas. More of these cookies and donations for my favorite charities.” That isn’t asking too much, is it?

The scary news: this is a limited edition product, only available for the holidays. This is why I had to tell you sooner rather than later! I know you can get these at Sidecar, and I suspect you’ll be able to pick them up other places that sell Late July cookies and crackers like PCC, Wholefoods, Mother Nature’s, Marlene’s, and Madison Market. But wait, there’s more! If you aren’t close to any of those stores, just mosey over to their website and order a box or two.

OK. Now you know. Phew. When you see these on the shelf, don’t think, “I wonder if these are any good,” just trust me. Really. They may even end up being your favorite new thing too.

9 thoughts on “Peppermint Cookie Perfection. Addiction.

  1. Oh my! I really need to get my hands on these before the holidays pass and they are off the shelves. We will be in Seattle in December and will hopefully find some! Fingers crossed!!!!

  2. Have you tried Trader Joes seasonal candy cane/peppermint Jo Jo's? They have crushed candy canes in the filling. 🙂 Of course they aren't dipped in chocolate.XOXO(Amber's "your vegan of the week" Mom)

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