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Vegan Book Author in Our Town: Let’s Read

Are you a brilliant, likable, and wondrous gal who recently decided to get into the whole compassionate living thing? Been at it a while and looking for fresh information on vegan fashion, cooking, and crafts? Well, if so, then this news is going to make your year:

The smart, sweet, and prolific blogger, Melisser Elliott has just published her first book, “The Vegan Girls’ Guide to Life” and she is coming to Seattle on a book tour!

Melisser is the author behind blogs The Urban Housewife and Cruelty Free Face, as well as the founder of Sugar Beat Sweets bakery in San Francisco. You can meet her (she is lovely), chat about the book, get it signed, and hang out with a bunch of other fun people who are also nice at CakeSpy shop on January 8, from 2-4pm.

The Vegan Girls’ Guide to Life” includes insights, ideas, and contributions from super rad vegan women all over – including one of my favorites, Melanie P. of The Streets I Know, vegan fashion blog out of Toronto.

I guess it is interview week over here at Vegan Score, because Melisser was kind enough to let me ask her a few questions so you folks could get into her heart and mind.

VS: What is different about your book that isn’t out there already?
ME: The book has something for everyone, it’s not just a standard “Go Vegan!” book, although it does contain that information. It’s a handbook of sorts with everything from vegan clothing and makeup lines to what to feed non-vegans, and it also includes crafts, interviews with vegan women from around the world, plus recipes to get you in the kitchen.

VS: Will vegan gentlemen get anything from your book?
ME: Yes, they will! It’s written from a female’s perspective, but most of the content applies to anyone with an interest in veganism.

VS: What stores in Seattle will carry your book?
It’s carried at stores like Barnes and Noble and Borders, but I really hope it will be available at the many excellent small book stores in Seattle. In fact, I recommend everyone ask their local book shop to stock it!

VS: What do you love most about being vegan and traveling around the world?
ME: It’s hard to choose between the people and the food! It’s certainly fun to try everything from vegan Reubens to ice cream sundaes around the world, but in the end, I have to go with all the people I meet. It is awesome to get to know vegans from all corners of the world.

Left photo (c) jesse.anne.o at NY signing | Right photo (c) Paris Insights at Paris signing

VS: Who are your vegan role models and inspirations?
ME: Oh man, where do I start? I have been lucky enough to make friends with many of my vegan culinary heroes who are showing people how easy and delicious vegan food is. I’m very appreciative of all activists from the leafletters and protesters to the people doing direct action. Anyone who is working to spread veganism in a positive way inspires me!

VS: Why is community important and how can vegan folks support each other and non-vegans in living in a less harmful way?
ME: It is never fun to feel isolated in your beliefs and spending time with like-minded people not only is ideal, but it’s also a great opportunity to work together to make change happen. Veganism is becoming more approachable everyday and I think it’s crucial we remind ourselves that we WANT that, we want people to go vegan, eat meatless meals, fight for the rights of animals, we don’t want to stay a part of fringe culture. Animals benefit when we set a positive example for vegan living, but also work to shed light on the cruelty they endure and how we do not need to use animals to live healthy lives.


OK folks. So come hang out with me and Melisser and pick up a copy for yourself, your girlfriend(s), your girly guy friend(s), and anyone else who would like it. Put this on your calendar:

Date: January 8, 2011
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Where: CakeSpy
Addy: 415 E. Pine St. Seattle WA USA
RSVP and other details on this Facebook even page.

See ya!

3 thoughts on “Vegan Book Author in Our Town: Let’s Read

  1. Hey Anika! This is exciting. Thanks for spreading the word of her book tour. The Facebook and calendar event hyperlinks are broken/ going to main FB page versus the event page. May you repost/resend the URLs for the event? See you there! Lourdes aka Lulu @lriossalazar

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