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Morning Redwood!

Sup readers! It’s your pal the Southside Vegan with a new score from the north. (Anika drags me out of dredges of Des Moines for foodie adventures and photoshoots). And thank gawd for that, because the b-fast at Redwood is worth the trip!

Redwood, Capitol Hillsters’ trusty old dive bar, is repping the vegan flare for breakfast. They’ve got a biscuits and gravy that could get into the ring with any all-vegan favs from around the city. It’s a nice chunky style mushroom gravy over crumbly biscuits. The potatoes are perfection, small cut homefry style with loads of garlic! yum. yum. It’d be a fab hangover dish if I ever fall off the wagon again.

Anika had the fresh raspberry fluffy pancakes – and they were just that fluffy, perfectly cooked (nothing runny in the middle) and super flavorful from all the berries. In addition to these two dishes, they also offer vegan sausage, a vegan tofu scramble, and a vegan waffle!

If you haven’t been to The Redwood, then we should warn you that there is some good and some bad. The bad: a dead moose head on the wall. The good: vegan friendly, fun video games, great bar, cozy cabin atmosphere, and especially rad bartenders and servers.

Get your booty over to Redwood for Sunday brunch. They don’t open until 11 and aren’t open on Saturday mornings, so plan ahead! Until next time, this is the Southside Vegan reminding you that being vegan is easy when you know where to score!

The Redwood
514 E Howell St
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 329-1952

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