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Get a little EGO boost with a new tattoo

Here ye, Here ye!

Seattle, you’ve been thinking of getting a (new) tattoo, then you are going to jump for joy at the deal being offered by generous, talented, and practically famous vegan tattoo artist: EGO.

EGO is offering 50% off the shop rate for any Vegan Score reader for the month of January. That is right, instead of $140/hr you will pay only $70 an hour for his talents. But only for January and only for Vegan Score readers! So you have to get a move on to get this mega deal.

Just because you don’t know EGO doesn’t mean it should stay that way. He is a local artist who shows at galleries around town and nation wide. He is known for his creepy, innocent creatures and ghostly, ghastly friends. He is also a much loved graffiti artist, logo designer, and most of all, talented tattoo artist. He designed the “Trust No Human” shirt for Lion’s Share Industries and drums in the all-vegan band, Olde Ghost. Is there anything this guy doesn’t do? Why yes: he doesn’t tolerate bigotry and isn’t into small talk.

What to do with this information? Go to Under the Needle tattoo shop (2118 2nd Ave., in Belltown) and find out when you can get a consultation and put down your deposit. Once you put down your deposit, you can get an appointment. EGO works into the night so it won’t conflict with your day job. The key step: when you talk to EGO, tell him “I read about the January deal on Vegan Score” and you’ll get the 50% discount. Don’t tell your non-Vegan Score reading friends because he’ll know.

I should warn you, EGO may look like a ruffian but he is a hugger. If you get a tattoo, please, please send me a picture so I can post it. And, as always, don’t forget to tip.


6 thoughts on “Get a little EGO boost with a new tattoo

  1. Just a reminder to folks that in WA state, you can't donate blood or organs for 1 year after getting a tattoo. Even if you die and are an organ donor– unless they can verify that your tattoos are more than 1 year old, they can't take them. Something to think about if it's important to you.

  2. The first comment is full of inaccurate information. You might want to do your research on organ donation before posting something like that. Not to mention, if you are living your life just in preparation for what may happen to your body when you die then what's the point of living at all? You should probably never leave your house, or get into a car, or cross the street. Anything can happen and you don't want to risk your organs getting injured so that you can't donate them!

  3. Goodness, I didn't mean to cause any trouble. I did do my research, you can check things out with, which is the organ procurement group for WA and OR.People should do whatever they want. This is just information– a year is not a big deal for a young, healthy person. I would guess that most people wouldn't care about this restriction. But some people might, and might not know about the policy for our state. I don't think that having this information has anything to do with "living your life in preparation for what may happen to your body when you die." Sorry, but that's just not at all what I wrote and you've taken your assumptions way too far.Why all the hate? It's disappointing, I guess because I always have expectations that people who care about animals so much are at least nice people. Don't care about what happens to other people after you die (because organ donation isn't about you)? Then ignore the comment, as it doesn't apply to you. No big deal.

  4. Under the Needle is not on 6th Ave. Near Denny they have been at the newer location at 2118 2nd Ave. in Belltown ( 1 block South of the Crocodile) Since around Spring of 2010. Go there!

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