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Late Night Vegan Scores

With the sun going down at 5 pm, it might seem like we are all night owls during the winter, but there are some of you who truly have late night staying power and need some vegan eatin’ after dinner hours. Whether you stay up late for fun, or for work, or because of your poor sleeping skills, this list is for you.

Seattle Vegan Grub you can get between 12 am and 4 am:

5-Point Cafe (Belltown/lower Queen Anne)
Kitchen open 24 hours
Breakfast served constantly, includes tofu scramble, veg bacon, “No huevos” Ranchero with soyrizo, etc.

52nd Tofu House
Kitchen open until 1:30 am or later
Vegan Korean pancakes, kimchi gyoza soup, and more.

Po Dog vegan dog

Aladdin Gyro-Cery (U-District)
Kitchen open until 2 am, Sat til 3 am
Falafel, humous, baba ganouj.

Beth’s (Green Lake)
Kitchen open 24 hours
Vegan Bocca burger.

Highline Bar (Capitol Hill)
Kitchen open until 1 am
Vegan sandwiches, vegan fish & chips, potato skins, fried pickles, and more.

The Hurricane (Downtown/Denny Regrade)
Kitchen open 24 hours
Hashbrowns, vegan chili (hold the cheese).

Highline deep fried pickle chips

Leilani’s Lumpia Land (Capitol Hill)
Sometimes Fri & Sat as late at 1:30 am
Vegan lumpia (fried roll) for $1 each.

Mediterranean Mix (Pioneer Square)
Kitchen open until 4 am
Falafel, salad, dolmas, humous, baba ganouj, and more.

Night Kitchen (Downtown)
Kitchen open 4 am
Been known to serve an amazing seitan BBQ sandwich (but call ahead).

Padrino’s Pizza (Capitol Hill, but delivers all over)
Delivers until 3 Am
Pizzas, pastas, salads, and veggie sides.

Highline Special

Po Dog (Capitol Hill/First Hill)
Fri & Sat until 2:30 am
Vegan hot dog (best in town), all sorts of toppings. Ask for the potato bun.

Purple Dot Cafe (International District)
Fri & Sat until 3:30 am
Chinese tofu and veggie dishes, hold the oyster sauce.

Rancho Bravo (Capitol Hill)
Fri & Sat until 3:30 am
Veggie burritos (hold the cheese).

Many of these joints are not all vegan or even all vegetarian so always remember to specify vegan, no cheese, no fish sauce, etc. even if the item on the menu doesn’t seem to contain animal products. Better safe than sorry, yeah? Yeah!

What did I miss? (I am sure some obvious ones). Tell me your late night secrets! You all rule.

7 thoughts on “Late Night Vegan Scores

  1. It's the only vegan bun. The other bun has butter or something in it (I've forgotten). They got the potato bun for all their vegan customers. They like Vegans. Also, I should say that there is also a Po Dog in the U-District!

  2. We were in a pinch in the U-District on Sunday night at midnight and ended up at Serafina on Eastlake. The bartender was very nice and talked the chef into making us two different vegan pastas. Topped off with a glass of chianti and it made for a fine late-night vegan meal!

  3. Rancho Bravo is very vegan-hostile in my experience… the only two times I've been my vegetariano order had small meat chunks in it (the first time I took a bite, the second time I knew to look first). A friend told me it happened to her too. Also, I was told the beans and rice were vegetariano, but Yelp says it's not true – beef stock in the rice and animal fat (lard?) in the beans.

  4. Yeah I got cheese in my “no cheese” vegetariano burrito last time I went to Rancho Bravo. Also, their “Veggie mix” that they use to sub meat with in their various vegetarian dishes includes (mushy, unseasoned) steamed cauliflower and zucchini…

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