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Parasitic Skies – Vegan, Straight Edge, Awesome

Hey, it’s the Southside Vegan coming at you with a little info about a rad local band: Parasitic Skies. They will be playing shows this month and YOU should definitely GO!!!

2/23/2011 – The Black Lodge, Seattle WA
2/24/2011 – The Red Room, Tacoma WA
2/25/2011 – The Black Rose, Portland OR
2/26/2011 – Brae’s Place, Moses Lake WA
2/27/2011 – The Northern, Olympia WA

Parasitic Skies is an all vegan, straight edge band that formed in Seattle in January of 2009. The current line up includes Austen on drums, Bo on bass, Mike on guitar, and John on vocals. John has since moved to New York but he’s headed back to town this month. Parasitic Skies is about to hit the Northwest with their own brand of metallic hardcore with influences like Sepultura, Crowbar, Ringworm and Integrity. Check it:

Still Burning
The Descent

Aside from rocking the poop from my pants, these dudes are seriously passionate about animal rights and veganism. All of the past and current members are years-long vegans and one of their first shows was a benefit for the AETA 4.

So next time you’re overcome with those feelings of frustration and angst, just throw on The Descent, blast the volume, mosh in your bedroom, and then go out and start a fucking revolution.

Go Vegan. Stay Vegan.

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