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Cascade Neighborhood’s Got It: Lasaga

Just last month someone asked me where to get the best vegan lasagna in Seattle – at the time I couldn’t think of a single restaurant that served it. The only vegan lasagna I knew of was the PCC lunch buffet (which is VERY good, by the by).

Fast forward a few weeks: thanks be to the wonderful Alex Payan, who has been bugging me to try a little place near his school that has house made vegan treats and a vegan lasagna: Nollie’s Cafe.

Located in the Cascade neighborhood,* this skylight-lit bakery could easily be missed if you didn’t live or work in the area. A three headed collaboration between Meghan Munro, her father Dan Munro, and the head chef, Clifford Fuller, Nollie’s offers baked goods and catering — sandwiches, soups, salads, and other traditional café fare.

But the best kept secret is their vegan lasagna . It is gluten-free (you can’t tell), dripping with rich vegan cheezy goodness, with a sweet and tangy sauce. It is totally simple, and completely decadent. The fact that it isn’t pretty (pic below left) won’t matter because you will devour it so quickly. They also use rice milk in their soups so that they can be enjoyed by omnivores and vegans alike — and Meghan says nobody can tell the difference.

They also make a vegan kale and wild rice salad that is perfectly accented with green onion, oranges, peppers, parsley, and other delicious flavors. They have a variety of vegan gluten-free baked goods that you can’t get anywhere else, including a vegan peanut butter cookie that was so good that I forgot to take a photo.

Meghan told me that the building has been owned by her family since the 70s and the space had been a commissary kitchen for other business and an early pastry bakery in the past. Her family opened the café more than a year ago not expecting to include vegan or gluten-free items, but the requests from clients inspired them to try. And boy did their experiments pay off.

So visit this little neighborhood, DO NOT SKIP the lasagna (it is already packaged to go if you aren’t hungry), and say “hi” to Meghan, she is really sweet.

Nollie’s Café
1165 Harrison St.
Seattle, WA 98109
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*or what I thought was the deep Northeast of the South Lake Union hood. Doesn’t have a ring to it?

5 thoughts on “Cascade Neighborhood’s Got It: Lasaga

  1. It's not your fault! Seattle is insisting on eliminating the Cascade as a name of a neighborhood. I'd like to think history can survive and am trying to do my part to save it.

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