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Wayward Way Rules: Good Guys FTW

Hello vegan and vegan-friendly folks!

This is a bit of a personal story, but one I hope leads to something really great. When I was around 7 or 8 years old, I noticed multiple 1″ scars on my mother’s chest and thighs and asked her what they were from. She calmly told me how she had been stalked and then stabbed in the U-District when she was 19 by two men who just wanted her money. They broke through her car window while she was in the drivers seat and stabbed her almost a dozen times. Of course, my young mother-worshiping self was completely terrified by this true tale. But my mother quickly turned it around. She told me about the people in her life who had helped her before that day, and the many people who helped her in her life since then. She said to me, “No matter what happens, always remember there are more good people than bad.” She was so sure of herself and so confident in the greater good of humanity, that I believe her too.

My mom and me in 1976. My mom and me in 2010.

This brings me to the story of our beloved Wayward Vegan Cafe. If you haven’t spent that much time there, let me tell about this special place. This restaurant is owned by 4 dedicated, generous, and gracious vegans. They regularly give up the space for vegan and animal liberation groups to use for free, offer their space up for fund-raising events, and they keep their prices exceptionally low so that being vegan isn’t reserved just for middle class urbanites.

This past week the restaurant was broken into and their safe containing important amounts of cash was stolen. The safe itself was actually very valuable as well. I am not content letting the bad guys win on this one. I think my mom was right, that there are more good guys than bad.

So I figure, at least 50 people read this blog, another 1000 or so follow on Facebook, and even more follow on Twitter. I am thinking, if I held drawing and said each virtual ticket cost $5, that maybe we together could raise a little money for them. 3/29, 3:00 pm UPDATE: In less than 24 hours, 70+ people in our community donated more than $1000 to help Wayward Cafe recover.

So here was the deal:
For every $5 you donate to Wayward via this PayPal link, I’ll enter your name in the Wayward Way Rules contest. If you win, you can choose one of three prizes: 1. a Lion’s Share t-shirt, 2. A Liberate t-shirt (in Youth Large), 3. two tickets to the Vegan Chili Cook-Off. I figure, most of us could spare $5 for a ticket. Many of us could spare $20 for four tickets. If just 20 of us could spare $20, that is $400 for Wayward. If 50 of us could spare $20, that is $1000. If 1000 of us can spare $5, that is $5000. (I know, my math skills are outstanding, don’t be intimidated). I don’t know if that is crazy talk, but we might as well try. I’ll take all of the money you donate and give it to the good folks over at Wayward and pay the PayPal fees myself. Ends Tuesday 3/29 at 3 pm PST.

3/29, 3:00 pm UPDATE: In less than 24 hours, 70+ people in our community donated more than $1000 to help Wayward Cafe recover. I’ll be bringing them the money on Thursday. You are so AMAZING! We are deeply grateful and profoundly touched by your generosity. We are stronger as a business and as a community thanks to each one of you.” – Doh Driver, Wayward Co-Owner.

3/29, 7:45 pm UPDATE: Joe B is the drawing winner!

The majority of our community completely triumphed over a minority of criminals.

14 thoughts on “Wayward Way Rules: Good Guys FTW

  1. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This means so much to us. We knew we were part of an amazing community, but we feel stronger already. The good people will always triumph!

  2. I'm very sorry to hear about their loss but the story begs a few questions: a) don't they have insurance?; b) who saves large amounts of cash on premises?

  3. jenn: a) insurance has a deductible as high as what was lost, and then our monthly rates would increase, and b) who said it was "large amounts of cash"? It was an "important amount," as anika wrote. We keep our prices low, which is great for customers' pockets but it means our profits are slim; even small losses seriously impact our ability to stay afloat. We also had to repair the damaged door, re-key all the locks, and replace the safe, all in the same week that we pay all our employees, rent, taxes, and other first-of-month expenses.

  4. Say, even though I missed the drawing deadline, I'd still like to donate. The link isn't active anymore, I see. Let me know how I can do so.

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