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Rah! Raw! Go Vegan Greenlake Go!

Many of you may have already heard about Jodee’s Fresh and Organic Desserts – a shop that opened in mid February on the east side of Greenlake. The story was broken wide open by the radsters over at My Greenlake, one of the best neighborhood blogs around (I am not just saying that because I sometimes guest post over there, really). Those of you who are expert raw chefs (I’m looking at you Bitt), probably won’t find this story that interesting, but for everyone else, Jodee’s may be a revelation.

Well, since I knew nobody was relying on me to be first on the scene, I took my time getting up there to try out this new sweet job and smoothie bar. What a waste! Why oh why did I did I dilly-dally for six weeks when I could have been savoring the best deserts I’ve ever had? Well, I wasn’t even sure this place had vegan food.

I am not sure why, but nowhere on Jodee’s website or in the shop does it say the word “vegan” but most everything they serve is vegan and raw. Every dessert is and every smoothie can be made vegan with your choice of rice, hemp, or soy milk. Most everything is also gluten-free, GMO-free, and organic.

But don’t be fooled by all this healthy talk: the desserts are out of this world. Since I prefer mousse, tapioca, fudge, and the like to baked goods – raw desserts are right up my alley, but everyone will love these vegan treats. Seriously. I had the Pecan Praline (above left), which sounds as sweet and nutty as you would expect. KC had the Peppermint Patty (top left) – he intended to only have 1 bite because he was driving, but then ended up devouring it in about 20 seconds because it was so incredible – perfect amount of mint and perfect texture. I also had a small taste of the tiramisu, which blew my mind.

Yes, they are decadent, yes they are mega rich, and yes, they are priced for special-occasions only, but totally worth the trip when only the best will due. Organic and raw ingredients aren’t cheap, and the labor that goes into them put these delights between $6-$7 per slice, so unless you are flush with cash, don’t go expecting to pick up an entire cake (which sell for 12 pieces for the price of 10).

Bonus: they serve french press Stumptown coffee.

Is it possible that the best desserts in town are actually good for me too? I mean, they are made with fresh raw organic foods, right? Well, that is the story that I’ll be sticking to each time I truck on over to that neighborhood for a vegan treat.

Jodee’s Desserts
7214 Woodlawn Ave NE,
Seattle, WA 98115
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

8 thoughts on “Rah! Raw! Go Vegan Greenlake Go!

  1. So glad you liked Jodee's Desserts! Our "milk" smoothies are made with fresh almond milk that we make in-house. You have to try it to believe how good it is. Thanks, Anika. It was a pleasure talking with you. Please visit again soon.Frances FinneyJodee's Desserts

  2. I just had a piece of the tiramisu today. It is so good. Thanks for reviewing them! I really want this place to do well. And yes, I do know how to make my own raw desserts but sometimes I only want one slice or I am too lazy. So Jodee's is good for that.

  3. I stopped into Jodee's yesterday after a walk around the Lake. Everything looked absolutely amazing! I had only brought $6 with me not remembering how much the treats were. I noticed one sliver (probably a half slice) of the Peppermint Patty and chose that as my treat for $3.50. It was delicious!! I am not sure if Jodee's is always going to offer half-slices, but it was a great option for me yesterday!! I'm anxious to go back and try the Tiramisu.

  4. I would say they are good but not out of this world. The best to me was the banana coconut cream pie but still nothing like any commercial version. It's okay if you are raw or vegan or watching the refined sugar but then you have to deal with all the calories and fat which are ample and not really healthy either.

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