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Hey UW Students! You CARE a lot?

Those of you who follow the more political side of veganism are likely aware that our very own University of Washington is one of the largest offenders when it comes to animal vivisection and live animal experimentation, (including live primate research labs). All of this happens hidden from most of the students who attend UW and certainly out of the view of Seattle citizens who would not likely tolerate the animal abuses, torture, and exploitation for faulty research.(1)

But, don’t despair! There is a group helping take the university in the other direction, towards better science and better ethics: enter the UW Campus Animal Rights Educators (CARE). This dedicated (and clearly brilliant) group brings speakers to campus, holds animal rights and vegan related movie screenings, sends a weekly email of news and events, and teaches other students about animal rights and veganism.

CARE Officers Sara Gemma and Anita Yandle

Are you a big hearted, big brained, politically active, and mostly likable student? You are in luck: UW CARE is looking for more members. Now is your chance to get involved, meet other vegans, and see what is happening around campus. UW CARE meets at 5:30PM on Wednesdays in Smith (SMI) 109, so just show up. Here are some of the things they have planned for Spring quarter:
Jared Paul and Sole performance on April 28

– potlucks
– vegan guide to eating on and around campus
– movie nights every first meeting of the month
– tabling
– and more.

Check out the calendar of events for more info, email them at to get added to the news letter, and check out their Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on local events and meetings.

Speaking of brilliant student groups, anyone know if there is a vegan student group at Seattle University, local community colleges, Cornish, University of Puget Sound, etc?

(1) For just one example of why animal experimentation isn’t useful, “The Food & Drug Administration recently reported that of all the drugs that tested safe and effective in animal testing, 92 percent are found to be either unsafe or ineffective in humans.” More info on UW animal abuse is available on the NARN campaign site.

One thought on “Hey UW Students! You CARE a lot?

  1. UPS had an active group from 2003 to 2006. As far as I'm aware, the club disappeared when the last of the original members graduated. It was called UPSTART.

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