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Vegans and Zombies and Waffles Oh My!

Oh, you know how I love a good book reading. Make it a vegan author and I’m filled with glee. Have them reading from a vegan-related book and I’m completely over the moon! But tell me the book is a satirical novel about (only) vegans surviving a zombie outbreak and I’m LOSING my book-lovin, vegan-fueled mind.

No joke, I am so excited about this lil’ vegan event that I can’t hardly type straight. So here is the scoop: Portland author, David Agranoff, is coming to Seattle to share the splendor of his latest novel, “The Vegan Revolution, With Zombies,” along with local vegan author, Gina Ranalli who will be reading from “House of Fallen Trees.” It will be at Cortona Cafe (the place with the wicked awesome vegan waffles) at 2:00 pm on Sunday May 8, 2011.

Let’s get to know David a tad better:

VS: What in the world inspired you to become a horror, bizarro and sci-fi author? There is big money in that, right?
DA: Big money…maybe someday, but not yet. It’s not about money for me, this is a passion. I have been vegan and straight edge for almost two decades but I have been a nerd my whole life. I was a big horror and science fiction fan since before I could read the books myself. My mother read Issac Asimov books to me when Star Wars and Trek was not enough. I always wanted to tell my stories and it is a language I understand innately. My heroes growing up were not sports players but Clive Barker and John Carpenter. It’s been my dream my whole life and it is exciting because I am finally realizing that dream. During my twenties I focused all my extra energy on activism, but discovered that I could balance both, I never foresaw that I would have a publisher come to me and ask me to write a vegan themed zombie novel, but that is what happened. I don’t always write funny books, but I couldn’t resist a novel about everyone except the vegans becoming zombies.

VS: Other than writing satirical vegan zombie-related pulp, what do you do down in Portland?
DA: I’m a special education teacher’s assistant to pay the bills, besides writing I am involved with a couple projects promoting veganism. I am the co-founder of Try Vegan PDX, a one on one vegan mentoring organization that is just starting to work on our fourth annual Try Vegan Week. That is a week of free classes and intensive vegan mentoring. We are also organizing a city wide vegan scavenger hunt called Vegquest. I also help organize the Vegan Iron chef competition, and we are about to have our second annual. I also read a lot of books and I enjoy the bounty of vegan food in Portland.

VS: If the movie version of the Vegan Revolution w/ Zombies was filmed here in Seattle, where would the vegan death squad hole up? I think that Highline would provide a good vantage point, but all those windows seem dangerous.

DA: I have eaten my way around Seattle more than a few times, and have thought about this before. In Portland We have the obvious choice of the Vegan mini-mall that also rose parallels to the classic Romero zombie movie Dawn of The Dead. Through the book there are vegan takes on classic zombie tropes, Since eating animal products makes you a zombie in the novel – the freegans represent the guy hiding a zombie bite, The abolitionist is the one preaching non-violence (like say Mrs. Carmady in the mist) and so on. As for Seattle I would stock up on wayward sandwiches and mighty-o donuts and camp out in one of the ferries on the sound until the zombies starved to death. I also have a Dystopia Science Fiction novel called Last Warriors of the Earth and a large part of that takes place in part in Seattle. That might come out next year BTW.

VS: Remember how the Soy not Oi cook book came with recommended listening for each recipe? What are some of the songs on the soundtrack to The Vegan Revolution?
DA: The characters in my book argue about that more than once. I’m an old school hardcore and metal dude, so I would say Earth Crisis and Trial. I am stoked both bands are back and better than ever. I would not have found veganism without Earth Crisis but the reality is the revolution will take every body. I am glad vegan activism is not 98% hardcore kids like it was in the 90’s. I think the documentary Fork over knives will help with Lawrence Welk fans, but I am not sure how we reach rascal flats fans. Were going to have to think on that.

VS: Who are some of your author heroes? Any of them vegan? Any live in Seattle?
DA: My favorite authors are John Shirley (Wetbones, Screenwriter of the Crow) and Richard Matheson (Twilight zone and I Am Legend). I also love Robert McCammon and Clive Barker. Barker is Vegetarian, he and William F. Nolan (Logan’s Run) are the only well known vegetarian horror authors I can think of. Several authors who write both bizarro and horror are vegan. Vegan writers include Mickey Z. who is about to release the Darker shade of Green and Jeremy Shipp who was nominated for a Bram Stoker award. His novel Cursed is brilliant, funny and disturbing. My favorite vegan Writer is Gina Ranalli and she is from Seattle. The most awesome thing is she is reading with me in Seattle. So check her out! she has written several books including an amazing haunted house novel set in Washington called House of Fallen Trees. It is one of my favorite novels of the last couple years!

VS: Anything else Seattle should know about your book?
DA: Yeah it’s funny! I think it is a very entertaining book, don’t just take my word on it, it’s gotten positive reviews from places as wide ranging as Famous Monsters of Filmland to the Journal of Critical Animal Studies. The reading at Cortona cafe will be lots of fun, I hope people come down to meet us, you don’t have to pick up a book, but just enjoy the reading. Eat a waffle. The pictures of the waffles at this place look stupid good. So come for the waffles and stay for the horror reading.

Sunday May 8th, 2011
2:00 PM
Vegan Author Reading
David Agranoff & Gina Ranalli
Cortona Cafe
2425 E Union St, Seattle
(206) 327-9728
#2 Bus Line
RSVP and More Info Here

5 thoughts on “Vegans and Zombies and Waffles Oh My!

  1. Oh too bad I will be out of the country!The first time in my life I read about veganism was on the inside of Earth Crisis' Breed The Killers CD case, I have to say that ExC has done a whole lot to promote veganism over the years.So if I don't make it to the event where can I get the book?

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