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A Seriously Handy Vegan Business

I know I’ve written about lots of vegan-owned businesses – restaurants, button maker sellers, shoe stores, and more, but this is my first post on a business that is truly handy. Enter super collaborative, affordable, and talented Andrew Smith of Capstone General Contracting, Inc.

Capstone General Contracting – is a one man band of building, design, and remodeling expertise. And I am speaking from firsthand experience since Andy remodeled our bathroom – everything from flooring to plumbing and even built custom wood shelves (bottom center photo). And he did it in a way that allowed us to save money – letting us do the work we could do on our own – then he did the parts we couldn’t. It was a great experience.

“The client hires me for designs, planning, giving them supervision, training and encouragement, and I lend my buying wherewithal and wholesale purchasing power. I build the parts they can’t, they do all the parts they can with me saying here hold this tool like this and do that.” – Andy Smith

And when I say that Andy is multi-talented, I am not exaggerating. He can help with projects ranging from outdoor landscaping, roofing, flooring, complete remodels, plumbing, mill-work, tile-work, windows, decks, driveways, sheds, bathrooms, kitchens, and he even knows a vegan electrician. (Click photos to see them larger). He enjoys working with reclaimed and recycled materials and will be completely dedicated to making your project ecofriendly (in fact, he pretty much will decline work that is outright “un green.” He uses progressive green building products and installations and he makes sure that there is high-recovery-recycling with every job.

“I really like being involved with green building projects like site built solar water pre-heaters or on site rain-water collection, decks, stone walls, walks, raised garden beds, roof top gardens, rain-water drip conversions, anything that makes a property more energy efficient or earth friendly.” – Andy Smith

Andy serves the general Seattle area (about a 25 miles radius around North Seattle, but can also go a bit further out for special projects). If you have remodeling plans, need help with a special project, and want to work side-by side with someone who knows what they are doing, you can’t get any more dedicated than Andy. He has 30 years of experience, is EPA lead paint certified for work on pre-1978 structures, provides free design consultations, and doesn’t mark-up for materials!

Not only is he a great contractor, but he donates his time and talents frequently – if you do too, you may even see him up at Precious Life Animal Sanctuary building bunny habitats.

Capstone General Contracting
Registration # capstgc964qz
133320 23rd Place NE
Seattle, WA

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