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History in the Making

Dang! Our town is so incredible. Every time I think maybe I’ll run out of vegan places, people, events, and other fun things, I discover someplace new or someone doing something awesome.

Get this, local activist, former political prisoner, and mega rad vegan, Josh Harper is going to write a history of Animal Rights Activism in North America. And it is going to be dope. I can confirm, if you were wondering, that Josh is a dedicated scholar, a serious researcher, and passionate about documenting the important and complex history of the animal rights movement.

“I want to write a book that documents the real history of the struggle for animal rights in North America. This book won’t be about philosophers, academics, or theorists. Instead it will tell the stories of the people who fought with all of their might to see our fellow beings live their lives outside of cages.” – Josh Harper

Much less interestingly, I have an undergraduate degree in history so this project is blowing my mind! I am so excited. More history should be documented grassroots style, not just by the media. To make this project real, Josh needs a little funding to help with getting a hold of primary sources, paying research assistants, etc. I can’t wait to be part of this thing. I can’t wait to see all of the materials. And of course, I’m already stoked for the launch party. You can be part of it too.

Seattle is home to so many fascinating, active, smart, and creative people. I get really inspired when people get off their asses and do stuff. Thanks Josh for being a good role model.

Check it out on Kick Starter.

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