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Of PARSKID and Paint

Hey Seattle, welcome to another post in the Vegan Artist Profile Series. We have serious talent in our town and I am wicked happy to share with you an interview with PARSKID, one of my very favorite artists – in this town or any town, vegan or not.

I fell in love with his work after seeing a collaboration he did with other local vegan artist and tattoo pro, EGO. I finally broke the bank to pick up an original paining at one of his shows last year, from his series called: Isolated Frontier (below right). His art is like nature on fire. I have completely fallen for his forest creatures who dwell in a place between daylight and pitch blackness.

Electric Corpse and Isolated Frontier.

He has two shows coming up, so this interview is good timing. He’ll be part of the Flatcolor Gallery two year annivesary show, which is opening this Thursday June 2 and also the Double Vision show at Bheard Studios in Greenwood, which looks really cool and is opening Friday June 10, 2011. Let’s go, OK?

Vegan Score: How long have you been vegan and how long have you been painting? PARSKID: I think it was sometime in the late 90’s I decided to become vegan. My memory isn’t that great. I didn’t really keep track of when I started exactly. I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I was a kid. I’ve been painting under the name Pars since 1999. I’m not sure it was for any reason but both came into my life around the same time.

VS: How has graffiti writing and other street art inspired your art?
My name and character design came directly from me developing a graffiti alter ego. It was kind of odd but I starting doing art shows and doing graffiti at around the same time. Which is somewhat abnormal in how graffiti artists usually transition into doing art shows. Graffiti was definitely a big influence in the development of my style and content of my paintings. Also, I currently use all spray paint, utilizing different techniques of application, to create my work.

Corpse Shroud (detail) and Costume in the Darkness.

VS: Does being vegan influence your art at all?
I think being vegan has possibly influenced my work in that my sensitivity to nature and animals is pretty apparent in my work. All the environments I paint are usually forests and the creatures and beings that inhabit them – you won’t find me painting concrete and computers. I see enough of that already.

VS: Do you work with any other media beyond paint?
Yeah I have made plush dolls, designed vinyl and resin figures and have dabbled in animation but my main focus is to paint. However I really enjoy illustrating with digital vector art. I really nerd out on how you can reuse elements and create patterns and shapes easily and change the color and composition so quickly. A lot of my prints are all vector art done in Illustrator. I try to make it hard to differentiate my vector digital illustrations and my paintings done in spray paint. I go as far as scanning in and vectorizing spray paint splatters for my vector illustrations to make it look like the spray paint fades and splatters in my paintings.

Speak of the Dead.

VS: Where have you shown your work?
I’ve shown all over the US. NYC, SF, Detroit, Atlanta, Oakland and LA to name a few. I even shown some work in other countries but not that much of late. I’m in another local show in June. “Double Vision” at Bherd Studios at the Greenwood Collective on June 10th. It’s an interesting show where artists interpret each other’s paintings.

VS: Do you do commission work or only gallery sales?
I have done commissioned works but have had mixed results and feelings about the situation. I usually like painting what I want to paint and if someone likes it and wants to buy it then cool.

VS: What else do you do besides art?
Art is a big part of my life actually. I’m a fan of art as much as I am an artist and I like collecting it. I work closely with Flatcolor Gallery in curating and setting up shows there. I’ve been doing a lot of court ordered community service lately. I plan on continuing to do that for a while even after I complete my 150 hours. I’m still very involved in graffiti in various ways. Some that still gets me in trouble, hence the community service. And I do love to cook, of course!

Journey Through The River of the Undead and Lonley in the Red Sky.

VS: Anything you’d like to share with Seattle vegans?
I think I’d be quite a different person if it wasn’t for being vegan and living in Seattle. I owe a lot to them both. Thanks to all the vegans out there doing their part in whatever capacity they feel necessary.

So, now that you know this radical painter a little better, if you crave his art, it is time to buy your own PARSKID original:

Thurday, June 2, 2011
5-9 PM
Flatcolor Gallery
“Wishful Sinking” featuring Parskid, Chip7 & El Kamino

Friday, June 10, 2011
6-10 PM
Bheard Studio
“Double Vision” Curated by EGO featuring 179, EGO, NKO, Parskid, Solace, Wade Liostro, Amy Huddleston & John Osgood

See you there!

Interested in more vegan artists? Past profiles have included vegan jazz muscian Jason Parker, painter Vicki Nelson, MC Derelict, and all vegan band Olde Ghost.

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